Monday, March 10, 2014


I've spent the last several years learning to code and just finished building a new site you might find useful. Please share it on your Facebook/Twitter/Blog/Whatever if you think people you know might like it too: Xossa helps you find the location for numerous restaurants, fast food chains and other stores. For instance you can find: CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL locations RED LOBSTER locations CITGO locations MARATHON locations PIZZA HUT locations I designed it to be dead simple to use and have the most accurate information you can find. None of the chains release this data to the public so it was tricky to get ahold of it, and it'll be a challenge to keep it up to date. But that's the secret sauce and what will keep people using Xossa over any other site. Over time I'll add more features - like maps, search and an improved design. But for a version 1, I think this is pretty sweet. I hope you like it too.