Thursday, January 29, 2009

Customs needs a box for people like me

I don't know if its jealousy and curiosity on the part of the customs officials or genuine suspicion, but whenever I re-enter the states from abroad I am in for at least one hour of interrogation and an ever-so-predictable search of everything I have brought back with me, including a complete manual (and awkward...) scan of my laptop, ipod and cell phone.

Customs needs to add a box to their form for people who are young, self-employed, affluent, geographically mobile and who are not terrorists or drug dealers. There are going to be more and more of them as the internet becomes more of a powerful way to make money.

Where did you arrive from: 'Thailand'
Were you there on business or pleasure?: 'uhh...pleasure?'
How long were you there: 'Six months?'
A six month vacation?: 'Well I sorta live there'
So you live in Thailand: 'Ok...yes'
What is your occupation: 'Uhhh...I'm self employed'
And you work in Thailand: 'No'
Where do you work: 'Wherever I am'
So it was a business trip...: 'No, not exactly'
When was the last time you were in the USA: 'I have no idea, check my passport, probably 9 months ago?
Where were you since your last visit to the USA: 'Hmm, good question, let me see. Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Cambodia, Holland, France...think thats about it'
What was the purpose of those trips: 'I like to travel'
So were those trips business or pleasure: 'Pleasure I guess'
I thought you said you work wherever you are: 'I do, but I did not go there to work'
Sir I'm going to need you to sit down over there, we are going to have to question you further'

Then the mandatory full body cavity search ensues. So fucking lame.

Last night I came into the UK and got the same deal, except I was detained for more than three hours and finally given permission to enter. The first two people I saw evidently just could not believe the person standing in front of them matched the story they had been given...luckily the 3rd person was a poker fan.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Government 2.0: Tell Barack to Regulate Online Poker

Barack Obama is attempting to revolutionize politics and Government again. He's released yet another awesome feature on Anybody can submit any idea for any issue and others vote the idea up or down, very similar to Digg.

Right now an issue about Online Poker is in the top 10, please vote on it if you agree:

Boost America's Economy with Legal Online Poker

I did not agree with the wording of this one entirely so I created my own, if you like it you can also vote it up:

Repeal of UIGEA and regulation of Online Gaming

If you are unfamiliar with I highly suggest checking it out. It aims to be Government 2.0 just as the title of this post suggests.

Barack also named a great head of the FCC yesterday.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I actually feel sorry for George Bush

He looks utterly defeated. Somebody give the guy a hug!

One bright spot: He coined a new Bush-ism. 'Sometimes you misunderestimated me'

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I wasn't aware there were Americans this stupid

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I guess I'm lucky that most of the Americans I speak to are intelligent. When you are insulated by intelligence for a long period of time, it is easy to forget how stupid some people are.

Then today I open an email my step father forwarded to our whole family, written by some military official:

Some excerpts, all related to electing Barack Obama:

Now that America has shown us all that affirmative action even works in politics...

...anger at my countrymen's stupidity...

the ultimate socialism--and soon, sharia law.

We just elected a man with the full endorsement of every major terrorist group in the world. It's the political equivalent of hiring a child molester to babysit your kids while you leave for the weekend.

The others are subjective and most people should see how dumb they are. This one is just blatant stupid logic. Lets go with the fact that every major terrorist organization endorses him (it isn't true, but lets go with it) the fuck is that anything like hiring a child molester to watch our kids? That somebody endorses Obama does not mean that he endorses them. Some people go to Thailand to molest little boys, some of them might also play if they are a fan of mine from reading this blog does that mean I somehow endorse them? No, I hope they all die the worst kind of I imagine our new President hopes about anybody who kills Americans.

I worry about our country and our new president if there are millions of idiots walking around our country right now all thinking this way. I worry even more about the country we will leave for our children if they are permitted to procreate.