Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tragic New Years in Bangkok

For those who haven't heard the news:

I am ok and I do not know of anybody who was at Santika, however of the probably 100 foreigners I know who are in Thailand, it would be hard to imagine one of them not being at this club last night.

Santika is a very popular club with upper class Thai's and with foreigners. It would rank in my top three favorite clubs in Bangkok and I have been there many times.

The following videos are disturbing, so watch them at your own risk:

I really hope everybody from 2+2 and from our friends in Thailand are ok. The reports I am hearing now have the number dead as high as 58 with possibly more than 200 injured.

If you have any news please email it to grindblog at gmail dot com and I'll put it up here.

UPDATE 1: Two girls I know were at the club but were seated near the door when the fire started and got out fine, nobody in their party was injured.

UPDATE 2: Everybody from 2+2 appears to be safe. One guy I haven't met reported he was there and got away safe, though a girl from his party is still missing, a friend of his girlfriend, and she is presumed to be one of the victims. RIP.