Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 10 Secrets of Being an Online Poker Super Affiliate

I have contemplated making this post for a long time, and have finally decided to do it. Many people will not like that I have posted this, however for many others it may give them a ticket out of the rat race, as it has done for me. So for all you guys slaving away at jobs you hate, this is for you, read carefully. Be sure to send me a thank you note when you quit your day job.

10 Most business comes by referral. It is hard to build traffic to your site. It is hard to get new signups. Once you get people, you must make them happy and treat them well, so they refer their friends. Once you have a large group of loyal users, it will snowball and grow on its own.

9 95% of your earnings will come from your top 3 sites. Don't waste your time promoting 30 poker rooms. It will take a month to setup all of those affiliate accounts and it will be a huge pain in the ass withdrawing all of that money. Find the top three rooms that work for you, and push those ones hard. You'll get bigger MGR or CPA deals faster and it will cut down on a lot of your work. And no matter how hard you try and how many rooms you promote, you'll never beat the golden rule...95% of your earnings will come from your top 3 sites.

8 Make partnerships The largest drivers of affiliate signups are large poker content websites. You have three can buy a large content website, and grow it...or you can build one from scratch. Or you can take the third choice and find somebody else who has already done one of those, and partner up with them. You can offer to provide their links, run a rakeback program on their site, run banner space on their site for a share of the revenue and on and on and on. Many webmasters are not great affiliates. Many affiliates are not great webmasters. These people make perfect partners. Go find some! Send sincere emails expressing interest to work together...and list some of your credentials. Keep it short and simple and respectful. Look for some kind of an 'in'. Either you know something who knows them, you know them or you know somebody about their product or service or site.

7 Most people signup to new sites when changes happen. In relatively uneventful times there is just a slow trickle of people signing up at new rooms. However when major changes occurr, there is a short and powerful rush of players to new sites. So stay on top of the news, on what rooms are changing networks, entering and leaving countries and what is happening with the UIGEA. Then when you spot an opening, buy a case of Red Bull and work 16 hour days signing people up until it is over.

6 Be your own affiliate. There are several companies in business providing links for existing affiliates promising you can make more money by providing their links to your players than you could get on your own. However this is often not the case...all you have to do is follow these steps and you can likely get more on your own. These companies make all of their profit because people simply don't understand the system. And they work hard to keep you in the dark. They will also often not give you individual trackers so you have to trust the numbers they give you, causing further problems.

5 The rules are flexible. Such and such site doesn't allow rakeback. Such and such network doesn't allow US players. Such and such forum said this. Nothing is what it seems in poker affiliating. Nearly all rules are flexible, yes that one too. You just have to know how to ask, who to talk to, and above need to learn to keep your mouth shut. (yes, I see the irony).

4 Get a parent affiliate. At many rooms you get a 20% or more override for referring affiliates. No you can't simply create an account for your brother and keep his...both affiliates have to be active and real. However you can approach an existing affiliate and ask them to refer you. They can't give you anything back out of this, but they will have a strong vested interest in seeing you succeed. I have learned most of what I know from the people who referred me and I give all of my sub-affiliates training, advice and coaching, because when they succeed, I succeed.

3 The published rates are for noobs. Every single poker room will give you a higher rate if you contact them privately and make a compelling case for why they should give you one...many rooms you simply have to ask.

2 The top poker affiliates make far more money than the top poker players. And with far less variance. The top poker affiliate sites on the internet are PokerListings, PokerNews and PokerSourceOnline. It is a convervative estimate that the owners of these sites make more than $2,000,000 per month. Every single month. That is more than Durrr, Phil Galfond, Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey or Phil Hellmuth make from poker, by far.

1 You know those ebooks you see advertised, promising to show you how to get rich on the internet in your spare time? They are all bull shit. Poker affiliating is the real deal Holyfield. Nobody makes eBooks about it because the only people who know how to do it don't want anybody else to know how to do it. Well now you know too.