Monday, December 08, 2008

Sailing around the world

This is a great, great read. Very similar to my Thailand thread and story. An American sold all of his belongings, bought a sailboat and sailed around the world for a year with his brother.

Very inspiring stuff, whether or not you would be motivated enough to do the same thing.

thread here

pics of sailing around the world

I have the time and resources to try something like this, and it sounds like it would be a lot of fun...the two things that give me strong pause are: I have a strong and irrational fear of dying. I can't even handle flying. I imagine after the first major thunderstorm I would swear never to sail again. I'm also terrible with fixing things. I was never good at working on my cars when I was younger, or fixing things around the house. I even pay the technicians in my building to come change light bulbs for me! Evidently when you own a boat, things are always breaking and you have to constantly be fixing them.

Nevertheless it is an inspiring read and you can't help but want to try it after reading that thread.