Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This is true love

While waiting for my flight today from Manilla to Bangkok I decided to kill some time at the nearby Casino. Was planning to just play small stakes baccarat or something but was very pleased to find they have a poker room. Sweet. I only have about $120 on me and my ATM card hasn't been working in The Philippines for some lame reason, so I buy into a roughly $0.60-$1.20 game.

After about a half hour seat five busts out and there are now two seats side by side empty. A petite and attractive older Asian (I'm assuming Filipino) woman comes and removes both chairs. She then asks the people in the adjacent seats to scoot in, then walks away for a second and wheels over an old man in a massive bed/wheelchair/hospital bed thing. It was huge. He had an IV hooked up to him and a tube going into his mouth with a bottle of water on the back of his seat.

Everybody paused for a second to wonder what the fuck a clearly sick and dying old man was doing in our poker game. Then the woman pulls up a chair next to him and puts a few thousand peso's on the table. She gets chips and gets dealt in. Each time it was her turn to act she would put the cards up very close to the mans face and he would mumble something to her and she would act on her hand. He didn't speak at all and it looked difficult for him to even tell her what to do...he was coughing and looked in really poor condition, but he was playing cards! Check raising and three-betting pre-flop. Didn't even have the ability to drag his own pots or stack his chips, but there he was playing poker.

How fucking awesome is that? It was a bit disruptive to the game and slowed things down a bit, also took away one seat, but whatever...it was moving to see that. I don't know if this was a daughter, sister or wife but whoever it was is an amazing human being.

I hope when I am old and dying and stuck to a chair with an IV in my arm, I can have somebody in my life who loves me enough to wheel me down to the Bellagio to play some cards.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill