Sunday, September 09, 2007

MTT Sunday

Every Sunday there are a ton of big online MTT's. The problem is that they start at like 2am in Bangkok and go through the afternoon. I'm trying to get a schedule down so I can make all of the big ones. Yesterday I woke up at 11am and went to bed early at 11pm then woke up at about 3am. This allowed me to play every big tourney besides the Stars Sunday Million.

I got very deep in three tournaments after catching some lucky breaks in a few and catching the luckiest break of them all for the day...very few of my big hands got sucked out on all-in PF. Especially on PokerStars, this is nothing short of a miracle.

At one point I was the chipleader in two tournaments and top 4 in another two. That is a pretty sweet rush but I'm obviously not maximizing my EV there. I ended up finishing top 30 in the $150+13 $50k Guaranteed on FTP, 11th in the $100+9 $25k Guaranteed on Stars and then final tabling the $100+9 rebuy on Stars.

This one had a 1st prize of $42.5k and I was chipleader or 2nd stack from 50 players down to 7. Then I had a chance for a huge chiplead and lost QQ vs ATo all in pre-flop. Pretty disgusting timing to finally get sucked out on today. I ended up busting 6th and taking home about $7k.

Total profit for the day in the $7k ballpark after buy-ins and my other two cashes. Savvy Poker

I'm definately picking up a lot of confidence playing all of these online tourneys and making some good money as well. Nothing like I was making a couple of months ago in cash games but I enjoy this a whole lot more. It doesn't matter if the tournament is $10 buy-in or $2500 buy-in, it is a very satisfying mental challenge to try and outlast the field.

I postponed heading to Europe for a week. Going to try and get my girlfriend a visa to come over with me. I also decided it was probably best to skip the $20k buy-in WSOP Europe as if I end up losing all of the other events I have planned...I may well regret losing that $20k. So next live event will be EPT London on September 25th.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill