Wednesday, September 26, 2007

EPT Busto

EPT was fun. I played with Johnny Lodden and hung out with some of the biggest names in the game at the Hilton, where Stars put up all of the qualifiers. Amazing hotel and service, all around a wonderful production by PokerStars. They even let me buy-in to the event at the last minute with W$. So, not only did I save 3% on my buy-in, but I was able to get the discounted rate they had worked out at the Hilton. A+ to Andrew, Lee Jones and John Duthie at the EPT, as well as the owners and management of PokerStars. EPT London and APPT Manilla were by far my favorite high buy-in tournaments I have attended. Harrah's and MGM-Mirage could certainly learn a thing or to from the EPT about what players want!

I got a bit of coverage on the PokerStars blog. Obviously all of that I said above is completely fucking biased because I am of the opinion that any organization that finds me newsworthy is amazing and all the rest can kiss my ass

Great writing that is right there. I've never contacted the writer of this nor spoken to PokerStars at anything more than an arms length business level But ya, it is as if the writer read my blog for 2 years, or at least did a summary of it the night before he wrote that. It is pretty spot-on. When is the last time you read something on PokerNews or CardPlayer that was spot on? PokerStars also dominating in the reporting elements of high buy-in event coverage.

update on 1/27/08: PokerStars should seriously consider buying 2+2 imo