Thursday, August 30, 2007

First MTT win in awhile

A small one, but a win. i was starting to think i suck at online MTT's but i ran super well in the $150+12 on FTP today. 250ish players and a $10k first prize. I won an all-in with JJ vs KK (J on turn) as the chip leader versus the second stack. i did play really well however and definitely destroyed the final table with only one serious hand that did anything to endanger my stack. 2+2er Matt Suspect had been playing very crazy and got up to the 2nd stack (I had a monster lead on everybody) and re-raised my UTG raise 6 handed, i called with 66 and check raised all in on a 943 flop. very difficult call to make, he ended up calling the rest of his chips (like 1/5th of the pot...he had to call) with AK and i held up. it was a cake walk after that.

Headed back to Bangkok from the gorgeous Philippines island of Boracay soon, then to London for the European WSOP ($20,000 buy-in). I'll bounce around Europe for about 6 weeks playing four total events, attending a conference, visiting some friends and researching some possible places to setup an office and maybe a second home. Estonia and Malta are on the list of possible places. Looking for others as well. I'll definitely visit Barcelona and Austria as well then squeeze in as much backpacker style site-seeing as I can.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill