Thursday, August 30, 2007

People who detest people like me

Today I woke up at 4pm after going to sleep at 8am. I rarely get out of bed before noon. I do not remember the last time I wore a tie. My whole approach to life seems to annoy a lot of people. These people usually rise soon after the sun comes up, commute to work for at least an hour everyday, pay their bills on time, owe far more money than they have in the bank and wear nice clothes often to impress others.

Some of these people have started to treat me nicer about my methods as I've become more successful. Thats called being fake. They still detest people like me, they just excuse my actions because I've made money. I haven't changed anything about how I do things. I do them the same now as when I was in college.

Just because somebody gets up at noon doesn't make them useless to society. I'll admit I'm a bit lazy, but it is by choice. If I needed to get a job and wake up everyday at 5am, I would. I don't have to, so I don't. This does not make me a bad person. In fact, I think our society should look to people like that with respect and admiration, not contempt.

I like to wear cargo shorts, t-shirts and sandals. I wear these while I am working, while I am not working and a whole lot of other times. I make far more money than 95% of the people who look down on me for my methods and I'd lay massive odds that my IQ is higher than most of them as well....what gives them the right to look down on me? I don't look down on them for being a part of the rat race. That's their decision. If everybody did what I do there would be nobody to provide the goods and services that I need.

Maybe it is just resentment. Makes them feel better about being forced to get out of bed everyday, long before they want to and perform jobs that they hate.

Thanks for reading, now get back to waking up whenever you want!

Wild Bill