Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A dream come true

I forgot to make a post about it, but this blog just had its two year anniversary. It feels a bit odd to say I've been a professional poker player for that time, because for decent stretches I didn't play much at all. I have derived my income 100% from the game of poker however, for over two years now. Pretty amazing. The industry has changed, the game has changed...hell, I have changed. Though I don't see any reason why this will stop anytime in the next 2 years, or even longer. I'm a lucky guy.

Bangkok has gotten a bit boring to me. Possibly I should be happy to be here, living the easy and good life, saving for retirement...but I am not. I am the type of person who can never leave things as they are, I always want to be improving, taking the next step, out-doing myself.

Since I began to get serious about poker, over four years ago, my dream has been to travel the world playing all of the biggest buy-in tournaments. My hero's were Paul Phillips, Phil Gordon and Brian Haveson...guys who didn't need the money they earned from poker (they all retired young thanks to successful business ventures) but played full-time for the sport of it, for the challenge. That has always seemed so awesome to me.

Well I am by no means in their net-worth bracket, but I do have a very solid savings and investment portfolio, and more importantly, a strong income coming in every month that covers all of my expenses and allows me to save a great deal of money. I've also had a lot of success in the limited amount of live high buy-in tournaments I've played.

I think I can do this. Now. I can live my dream, right now. I've been dreaming of doing this for a long time, and to me it seemed so far off in the future. Like maybe if I made the right decisions I could do it when I was 35. There is no reason for that though, I can do it now.

So I'm going to give it my shot. For those of you following along in hopes of hearing more about poker, I think this blog might have just gotten a bit more interesting for you.

I still have to iron out my upcoming schedule, I'm not sure if I'll go to LA for the Legends of Poker or Manilla for the APPT event, but one of those will be my inagural event as a full-time travelling tournament pro.

I can't wait.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill