Saturday, August 25, 2007

APPT Manilla

I really hope the APPT (Asia Pacific Poker Tour takes off. The organizers did an amazing job of putting this thing together. It was all of the small details that have made it great such as custom APPT chips, free t-shirts and a buffalo statue for all of the entrants, a Filipino band performing before the tourney got underway and many others. The rake was small and the service was great. The only complaint I had was that they charged us about $5 for water and the cash games have a HUGE rake. Hopefully in the future they can work out a better deal with the casino on these two points. Also the buy-in of just $2,500 makes this a stop on the tourney trail many people wont make unless they have other reasons for wanting to be here. I know several pro's who came just so they could go to Thailand afterward, for instance.

Next stop on this tour is Seoul and then just one more stop late this year in Australia. Next year I hope to see Singapore on the list as they'll have Casino's soon and hopefully one or two other cities such as Tokyo or Macau. This would mean great things for the future of poker in Asia!

As for me, I didn't do too well in the tournament. I ran my stack up nicely on a good rush of cards and then proceeded to my usual Wild Bill Blow-up and bluffed off 70% of my stack in one hand. Bleh.

I think I'm going to skip Barcelona as I'd have to make it to Spain in the next two days and gain access to $20,000 in cash somehow in that time. I'm really going to have to figure out this moving money thing around pretty quickly. Its growing to be a rather large pain in the ass.

From 9/6 thru 10/6 there are a slew of events on the East Coast USA and then immediately after there are three events I'd like to attend in Europe that will keep me busy through 10/16.

After that things slow down considerably, perfect timing for peak tourist season in Thailand...when there is also the best weather.

To hit all of the US events I'd be skipping some great events in Europe so I might push that start date back a bit and go 9/10 WSOP Europe in London then bounce around Europe for a couple of weeks before 9/25 EPT London and then mess around for another week or so until my European events start. This I like better as I never have to step food in Los Estados Unidos :)

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill