Thursday, August 30, 2007

First MTT win in awhile

A small one, but a win. i was starting to think i suck at online MTT's but i ran super well in the $150+12 on FTP today. 250ish players and a $10k first prize. I won an all-in with JJ vs KK (J on turn) as the chip leader versus the second stack. i did play really well however and definitely destroyed the final table with only one serious hand that did anything to endanger my stack. 2+2er Matt Suspect had been playing very crazy and got up to the 2nd stack (I had a monster lead on everybody) and re-raised my UTG raise 6 handed, i called with 66 and check raised all in on a 943 flop. very difficult call to make, he ended up calling the rest of his chips (like 1/5th of the pot...he had to call) with AK and i held up. it was a cake walk after that.

Headed back to Bangkok from the gorgeous Philippines island of Boracay soon, then to London for the European WSOP ($20,000 buy-in). I'll bounce around Europe for about 6 weeks playing four total events, attending a conference, visiting some friends and researching some possible places to setup an office and maybe a second home. Estonia and Malta are on the list of possible places. Looking for others as well. I'll definitely visit Barcelona and Austria as well then squeeze in as much backpacker style site-seeing as I can.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

People who detest people like me

Today I woke up at 4pm after going to sleep at 8am. I rarely get out of bed before noon. I do not remember the last time I wore a tie. My whole approach to life seems to annoy a lot of people. These people usually rise soon after the sun comes up, commute to work for at least an hour everyday, pay their bills on time, owe far more money than they have in the bank and wear nice clothes often to impress others.

Some of these people have started to treat me nicer about my methods as I've become more successful. Thats called being fake. They still detest people like me, they just excuse my actions because I've made money. I haven't changed anything about how I do things. I do them the same now as when I was in college.

Just because somebody gets up at noon doesn't make them useless to society. I'll admit I'm a bit lazy, but it is by choice. If I needed to get a job and wake up everyday at 5am, I would. I don't have to, so I don't. This does not make me a bad person. In fact, I think our society should look to people like that with respect and admiration, not contempt.

I like to wear cargo shorts, t-shirts and sandals. I wear these while I am working, while I am not working and a whole lot of other times. I make far more money than 95% of the people who look down on me for my methods and I'd lay massive odds that my IQ is higher than most of them as well....what gives them the right to look down on me? I don't look down on them for being a part of the rat race. That's their decision. If everybody did what I do there would be nobody to provide the goods and services that I need.

Maybe it is just resentment. Makes them feel better about being forced to get out of bed everyday, long before they want to and perform jobs that they hate.

Thanks for reading, now get back to waking up whenever you want!

Wild Bill

Saturday, August 25, 2007

APPT Manilla

I really hope the APPT (Asia Pacific Poker Tour takes off. The organizers did an amazing job of putting this thing together. It was all of the small details that have made it great such as custom APPT chips, free t-shirts and a buffalo statue for all of the entrants, a Filipino band performing before the tourney got underway and many others. The rake was small and the service was great. The only complaint I had was that they charged us about $5 for water and the cash games have a HUGE rake. Hopefully in the future they can work out a better deal with the casino on these two points. Also the buy-in of just $2,500 makes this a stop on the tourney trail many people wont make unless they have other reasons for wanting to be here. I know several pro's who came just so they could go to Thailand afterward, for instance.

Next stop on this tour is Seoul and then just one more stop late this year in Australia. Next year I hope to see Singapore on the list as they'll have Casino's soon and hopefully one or two other cities such as Tokyo or Macau. This would mean great things for the future of poker in Asia!

As for me, I didn't do too well in the tournament. I ran my stack up nicely on a good rush of cards and then proceeded to my usual Wild Bill Blow-up and bluffed off 70% of my stack in one hand. Bleh.

I think I'm going to skip Barcelona as I'd have to make it to Spain in the next two days and gain access to $20,000 in cash somehow in that time. I'm really going to have to figure out this moving money thing around pretty quickly. Its growing to be a rather large pain in the ass.

From 9/6 thru 10/6 there are a slew of events on the East Coast USA and then immediately after there are three events I'd like to attend in Europe that will keep me busy through 10/16.

After that things slow down considerably, perfect timing for peak tourist season in Thailand...when there is also the best weather.

To hit all of the US events I'd be skipping some great events in Europe so I might push that start date back a bit and go 9/10 WSOP Europe in London then bounce around Europe for a couple of weeks before 9/25 EPT London and then mess around for another week or so until my European events start. This I like better as I never have to step food in Los Estados Unidos :)

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anybody see me on TV?

I'm the fat white dude in the black sweatshirt on Doyle's right on Episode 1 of the WSOP Main Event. My first televised poker appearance and the only reason I got it was a lucky table draw, but whatever. I'll take it.

PokerTube has the video's if you didn't see it.

I was in some pretty interesting pots but unfortunately none of them made the final cut.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Checkout this gem:

RGP Post on Jan 3, 2005

I just found that while Google searching for something else. That was me, pre-2+2 and just before or right when I became a winning poker player. Funny reading that now, I would have thought I would have sounded a lot fishier...but I was actually thinking conceptually in the right way, even before I learned anything about SNG structure. I talked about sustainability and variance and proper bankroll requirements.

From that I went back to that old Gmail account and found an email that I've been wishing I could find for over two years now!

Sit and go's Inbox

hide details 1/3/05

Jan 3, 2005 1:50 PM

Sit and go's

You wont get much of a response at RGP, but David
Sklansky and Mason Malmuth have some pretty good poker
forums for strategy etc.

Thats the single table tournament forum, full of

Good Luck

My reply:

hide details 2/8/05

reply-toWilliam Dean


Feb 8, 2005 11:58 PM

Re: Sit and go's

awesome, awesome, awesome

finally a group of like minded SNG'ers


This might seem trivial to many people reading this, but thats what started it all for me. I'm going to email that person now and thank them, and depending on who it is, maybe even offer to help them out in some way.

When I received that email and made that post on RGP, I was finishing up my last year at UCSB. I was at a major low point in my life as I had no idea what I was going to do with my future, I was deep in debt from financial aid (and some other things) and generally things just weren't going well.

Today things are much different. I may have found the forum on my own some other way, but that email pretty much sealed the deal and set me down this path.

Pretty cool to find that today. Whenever I get emails from blog readers asking me how they can improve at poker, and I link them to 2+2, I always hope that I'll get an email someday like the one I'm about to send.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wow there is a lot of action!

I haven't played MTT's seriously in a long time. With Party out of the picture I just assumed there were a lot fewer tournaments. There are loads more!

On Stars alone today I found 10 (!!!!!!) different tournaments that I want to play. Holy cow! There are at least 3 more on FTP including the $300 buy-in Million Guaranteed FTOPS event. I haven't even checked the smaller sites yet.

After my crap day yesterday I got a taste for what the average day is going to be like, and today I'm going to try hard to get in a good routine to minimize the mental anguish. Everyday that I play, I'm going to go to the gym first. Thats my rule. I AM NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY POKER unless I have been to the gym already. Next is no fast food and I have to read a book for at least an hour. All of this is before I play.

The no fast food+gym part obviously have the side effect of getting me in shape, but the real reason here is that when I eat well and exercise, I have a very clear and focused mind. Reading (non-poker reading, actual books), also helps my mind to wander and forget about results and tournaments and money.

So thats the plan. I don't want to end up looking like Jennifer Harmon in a year if this works out. If you've never seen her live, she looks like she wants to hang herself just about everytime you see her. Playing tournaments for a living clearly takes its toll on your psyche.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Saturday, August 11, 2007

And so it begins...

Got down to 17 for 7 seats in the Barcelona qualifier, down to 13 for 6 seats in the London qualifier and down to 6 for 5 seats in the Baden qualifier. Two sick beats and one lost coin-flip later and I'm off to a splendid start.

I'm going to keep a running tally here of my buy-ins and cashes:

-$2250 in SNG Satellite Entries
+$3150 in W$ won
-$3150 in W$ for the three $1050 qualifiers
+$750 from the Baden qualifier
-$320 MTT on Stars
-$109 MTT on Stars

Total: -$1929

Think I had better get used to this.

Tentative Schedule

Either I picked a really good time to start this adventure, or there is basically unlimited action for high-buy in tournaments at any given point in time. I've been having a very stressful week attempting to plan out my next 4-6 weeks. I've had to make and break plans with people I care about and for great events on three continents.

Here is what I've come up with, still probably subject to change, but as much in stone as it has been thus far and as its probably going to be:

Kicking off my tour today with four online tournaments:

$1050 qualifier for EPT Barcelona on 8/28, $1050 qualifier for EPT London on 9/25 and $1050 qualifier for EPT Baden on 10/7...all on PokerStars. The Barcelona qualifier is actually underway as I write this. Then the $100 FTOPS rebuy.

Then 8/13: $1060 FTOPS
8/18 $2620 FTOPS Main Event
8/24-26 $2500 APPT Manilla (First live tournament)
8/28-9/1 EPT Barcelona (whether I qualify online or not)

To come to that schedule I had to leave out a trip with my best friends (family really) from college to NYC, a chance to go see my family in Northern California who I haven't seen in ages, and the Legends of Poker at the Bike in Los Angeles. Very difficult decisions. I'll have a lot of friends in Manilla as well, its much closer to home and I can squeeze in two events instead of one over the same time period. In the end, this just made more sense.

After 9/1 the schedule gets a bit fuzzy again. Options are:

9/6-9/8 WPT Beau Rivage Main Event in Biloxi Mississippi
9/10 WSOP Europe Main Event
9/12-9/18 Several Events at the Borgata
9/20, 23, 28, 30 WCOOP Events on PokerStars
9/24-9/30 Turks and Caicos WPT Event
9/25-9/29 EPT London (if I qualify for this online, that will simplify all of this some)
9/28 - 9/30 APPT Seoul Korea
10/7-10/10 EPT Baden (again, if I qualify online, that will simpify the schedule)
10/30-11/1 EPT Dublin (will try later to qualify online for this)

To further complicate matters, things have been going really well with my Thai girlfriend of about six months, so unfortunately I'm going to probably want to be making frequent trips back to Thailand to see her...or working like mad to get her Visa's to come to some of these places with me. Not that this is an altogether bad thing as far as life goes...but its going to make getting in maximum tournament time difficult.

I'll be doing regular updates like this, mainly just to get my own thoughts down some place and to finalize plans for myself, remember dates etc. But if you come across any big ($5000+ buy in) events that you dont see me mention, please email them to me!

Tourney time, thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A dream come true

I forgot to make a post about it, but this blog just had its two year anniversary. It feels a bit odd to say I've been a professional poker player for that time, because for decent stretches I didn't play much at all. I have derived my income 100% from the game of poker however, for over two years now. Pretty amazing. The industry has changed, the game has changed...hell, I have changed. Though I don't see any reason why this will stop anytime in the next 2 years, or even longer. I'm a lucky guy.

Bangkok has gotten a bit boring to me. Possibly I should be happy to be here, living the easy and good life, saving for retirement...but I am not. I am the type of person who can never leave things as they are, I always want to be improving, taking the next step, out-doing myself.

Since I began to get serious about poker, over four years ago, my dream has been to travel the world playing all of the biggest buy-in tournaments. My hero's were Paul Phillips, Phil Gordon and Brian Haveson...guys who didn't need the money they earned from poker (they all retired young thanks to successful business ventures) but played full-time for the sport of it, for the challenge. That has always seemed so awesome to me.

Well I am by no means in their net-worth bracket, but I do have a very solid savings and investment portfolio, and more importantly, a strong income coming in every month that covers all of my expenses and allows me to save a great deal of money. I've also had a lot of success in the limited amount of live high buy-in tournaments I've played.

I think I can do this. Now. I can live my dream, right now. I've been dreaming of doing this for a long time, and to me it seemed so far off in the future. Like maybe if I made the right decisions I could do it when I was 35. There is no reason for that though, I can do it now.

So I'm going to give it my shot. For those of you following along in hopes of hearing more about poker, I think this blog might have just gotten a bit more interesting for you.

I still have to iron out my upcoming schedule, I'm not sure if I'll go to LA for the Legends of Poker or Manilla for the APPT event, but one of those will be my inagural event as a full-time travelling tournament pro.

I can't wait.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill