Sunday, July 01, 2007

First WSOP Cash

I decided to come to the WSOP after all. I've played two events so far, the $5k short handed event, and the $2,000 NL event. I busted fairly early in the $5k event but got pretty deep in the $2k NL event. I was the 17th largest stack going into day 2, though my loose aggressive style was not working out like it had on day 1, and I made my exit at around 80th place. Not bad for a field of 2,000 players...though a bit disappointing as I had high expectations after my amazing day 1. It was just one of those perfect runs where many of my big hands were getting paid off and most of my moves were working out. I crushed the bubble, nearly doubling my stack whilst never going to showdown, all in about an hour's time. So many players really wanting to make it into the money...cashing was just not a big concern of mine...I played to win.

Three people I played quite a bit with and got to know pretty well all made the final table, further adding to my misery. I wish them all luck though, three great players. Anna, Roland De Wolfe and Steve.

This is the only picture of me I could find online. Sporting my hood and lucky monkey. I took to wearing the hood because Roland De Wolfe was sitting two to my left for several hours and was absolutely amazing at getting inside my head each time that I raised. I really need to learn how that guy does what he does. He personifies what makes live pro's so much different from online pro's. He's a sound poker player but so much of what makes him great is just a non-factor online. He was pretty ham-stringed at my table and didn't grow his stack (proud to say I was a big part of that)...but evidently he went on a rush after our table broke and he's made the final table.

I'll share two hands from the tournament...both of which are in my top five favorite/most well played hands of my poker career.

Hand 1 was versus Roland De Wolfe. He'd been flat calling a lot of my raises and taking down too many pots from me, all while jabbering away...picking up my monkey and playing with it and generally doing all sorts of things to try and make reads on me. I opened K8 spades from the Cut-Off and he goes into his routine...then finally re-raises me about 25% of his stack...we were both fairly deep but I had him covered by a bit. We are about 20 players to the money and it gets back to me...I smile and look at him and say All In with no hesitation. He turbo-mucks his cards and I take down the pot, and now have a pretty big chip-lead over the table. Roland also never flat called one of my raises or re-raised me again for the rest of the tournament. I think I had made my statement and I proceeded to gain a massive stack after that hand.

Hand 2 was a bit after we had made the money and nearing the end of day 1. A new player came to our table and had a big stack, but about 30% less than me. I raised AQo in late position and he pretty quickly called behind me. Flop A 4 5. I fire out a bet not much bigger than my initial raise (which with blinds and ante's was a pretty small bet compared to the size of the pot). He thinks for a bit and calls. Turn pairs the 4. I think for quite a while and check. He also thinks for quite awhile and then bets out about 1.5 times what I had led the flop for. I think he has an ace, but there is no way he has AK in my mind, he would have re-raised PF or on the flop. I wait about five seconds and go all in. Immediately his frustration is clear and I know now that at worst he has the same hand as me...and at best I'm likely going to bust him, or take down a big pot right here. He tanks and finally folds Ace Queen!! Power poker.

I'll be playing the NL rebuys event and the main event as well. I'm already missing Thailand but had to give this a shot. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill