Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finally a Nice Fat Cash

Played the $2500 Venetian Main Event, part of their CEO Poker Tour. Played great poker on day 1 and ended as the chip leader. Came back on day 2 and misstepped in a couple of pots, then re-gained the chip-lead and then donked off most of my stack as the final table got underway.

I had to take one coin flip (which I absolutely hate doing late tourney) with JJ v AQ and I held for once in my life, to have 2nd stack with 5 left. I donked around some more and got down to 4th in chips when a deal was proposed. A chip count chop would have given me $60k, and I negotiated $73.5k. I assume they had some measure of respect for my game but the blinds were huge and I had been the only guy all tournament (from 20 players down) absolutely refusing to chop...and I'm sure they had figured out there is at least one screw loose in my head and I'm willing to put all the money in the middle on a moments they gave me far more than my fair share of the money. I have also been looking into short stacking cash games.

The shorter stack than me also got a nice deal, taking home $59k when chip count gave him 47.

It was a fun experience and also fun finally not to (completely) bust my stack for once deep into a tournament. I'm really really good at getting that huge stack going, and taking advantage of players who want to last in the tournament...but not win, but when it comes to avoiding confrontations with other big stacks and changing gears...I need a lot of work.

Bellagio Cup Main Event today, WPT event and my third ever $10k buy-in tournament. Wish me luck.

The more I play deep in these tournaments, the more confident I feel that I can compete at this level. I'm giving some serious thought to loaning myself $100k as a bankroll for live tournaments and giving the tourney trail a shot. A lot of people from 2+2 have had some great success doing it, no reason it can't be me.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill