Thursday, July 12, 2007


This is just awesome. A bunch of 2+2ers got one of the huge Palms suites and Partied like they were in a 50 cent video. The 2+2 thread is here.

Some excerpts:

Posted by Good2cu
-Butler walks in on me having a threesome before everyone arrives.
-2k worth of booze was consumed with about as much blow
-Our hired bartender gets tanked, stops bartending and ends up getting [censored]/eaten out my Skylar with everyone watching in our huge hottub on the balcony (we had the suite the girls got in the realitly show girls next door)
-CTS loses 100k playing blackjack at the Belliago then comes home and passes out in the hallway at the Palms
-Riche_Menlo pukes on a cab driver
-Plans for worked out
-Butler gets us 60 vicadon pills
-Ordered one of everything from room service
-Dozens of drunk underage girls rounded up my the butler and brought to our room.
-Won a bet with traheo with the line on our room +16.5k (I took the over)
-CTS bought a 20k watch in the morning.

Posted by Traheo

1. I won 8.5k in beer pong w/o playing
2. our rooom was 6200 sq feet, had a gym, sauna, bar, living room, kitchen, poker table, rotating beds, pop out tvs, and two bedrooms with 5 bathrooms
3. i have a huge hicky on my neck that i dont remember getting
4. the butler walks outside and we are all smoking joints and he asks if we need lighters
5. a lot of [censored] got stolen
6. isaac (westmenloAA) banged the second hooker for free (or so he claims)
7. there were condoms floating in the pool
8. it was easily top 5 sickest nights of my life and i'd bet everyone would say the same.

I think somebody should post this on Wikipedia as an example of what Baller is.