Tuesday, July 03, 2007

2nd WSOP Cash

That was quick.

Unless I do something really stupid today or get really unlucky again, I should have my 2nd WSOP cash in the bag. $1,000 NL w/rebuys event. Unfortunately for me if I cash I'll still show a net loss for the tournament as I played pretty crazy in the rebuy period and am in for $7,000.

I had a chance to be the tournament chip leader with 300 to go (1,000 started) and lost and all in pre-flop with KK vs QQ. Pretty sweet though that I eventually got all of my chips back from the same guy in three separate pots.

Then I was the tournament 2nd chip stack with 150 to go and lost ANOTHER all-in pre-flop with KK to JJ. That one really got me pissed off. 2nd chance I had to be the tourney chip leader and all I had to do was win an 80/20. Willie Tan is a real nice guy. He came over to the sidelines and patted me on the face like a grandfather and calmed me down. Class act Willie is.

We are down to about 120 players, 98 make the money. I have just a little below average. The line-up in the last 120 players is like a who's who of poker though.

David Williams, Daniel Alaei, Steve Billirakis (MrSmokey...already has one bracelet this year), Carl Olson (Colson10 from 2+2), Jordan Morgan (ImSoLuckyO from 2+2), Noel Scruggs (NetwBuggs from 2+2, a good buddy of mine...go Noel!), Alan Sass (TheUsher from 2+2), Amnon Filppi, Phil Hellmuth (who I played with for a bit, and told him he sounded like a little woman whining over bad beats...god he is annoying), Joe Hachem and several others.

Whats really awesome about this to me is the fact that I have played some amazing poker. The fact that I've had several (there were many smaller ones) sick beats put on me and have still managed to navigate a solid stack in this tournament is something I'm very proud of. It wasn't until the last couple of hours of the evening that I began to play with people who I didnt completely own. I was in the zone all day, taking down so many pots...then unfortunately losing all in several times as a huge favorite...

Ok I'm just whining now lol

Wish me luck today, I need it.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill