Sunday, June 03, 2007

No White Chics!

I think I will be headed back to America for the WSOP. As this heater continues (+ more than $70k now) poker is in the veins for me and playing some big tournaments with the proceeds sounds like a lot of fun. I didn't want to go to the series and potentially lose a lot of my hard earned money but I really have no problem on a few week long freeroll from a nice little online rush.

I have one commitment to myself while I am there though: NO WHITE CHICS. None.

Funny story on that:

Last night me and a couple of friends were at a go-go bar and a semi-decent looking white chic comes up and asks my friend Brad where he was from. He looks at her, looks straight ahead and says very dryly, 'Maine'. The fact that he said Maine after he looked straight again was the key. She said 'oh' and looked kind of puzzled and went back to her seat.

Persistent as she was, she comes back over and sits next to David and starts blabbering away (like white women do). I can't really catch what she's saying but I notice one thing, David isn't saying much besides giving short answers to her questions...and staring straight ahead.

Then an instant classic: She asks David what he does, and he gives some short answer and she perks up and says 'Well I'm a teacher', and a proud he should care and ask some follow up questions.

Davids reply: 'Ok. Good luck with that'. Turns straight ahead again. The look on her face was pure comedy. Three drunk guys from her own country, looking at dancing girls on a pole, not the least bit interested in talking to or hitting on all.

No white chics.

I've only had one friend in Thailand be at all interested in them, and he's back in California now, probably listening to some girls problems...doing his own dishes and laundry. Sorry bro. Come back soon ;)

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill