Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time to Jinx Myself

I've been playing $10/20 NL a lot for the last few weeks. Been doing a lot of data-mining, reading 2+2 (though I still can't participate) and going over hands with friends via AIM.

I've made over $30,000 this week, $16,000 in a 90 minute session just now. All of this means nothing of coarse about my ability to beat the game. I've been playing around with it at maybe 5,000 hands per month for the last couple of months...I have a splendid run up like this and then start to play like crap when I stop running hot as the sun.

Up a good $50,000 in the game overall though. Again, still am not positive I can beat it in the long run and definately know I do not have the mental fortitude required to play it 50,000 hands per month. Fun for now though.

Thanks for hearing me brag, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill