Monday, March 05, 2007

Smart people shouldn't have to work

Unless they want to.

I will never have a job my entire life, unless I choose to. I am 100% confident in that fact. I don't know what I'll be doing in ten years, but I am certain I will be self-employed. The one exception would be taking a job which wasn't for money but to do it such as teaching or doing some kind of charity or volunteer work.

Smart people just should not have to work. There are so many ways to make money, I have probably ten different ways I can think of right now off the top of my head that I could make at least $50,000 per year working basically part time hours.

Gmail, Skype, Vonage, eBay, CraigsList, MySpace, Forums, Google and a ton of other websites and services have facilitated such an amazing wealth of opportunities for those who are self starters and intelligent.

I was in Vietnam with my good friend (probably my best friend) Will this week and we were going over options he has for his future and ways to make money. He seems to be stuggling with this notion and coming up with a way to make five or six grand a month to fund the kind of lifestyle he wants to live. I seriously cannot phathom that. I was bouncing idea's off of him and he was just kindof like 'yeah, yeah, maybe'. Wow. If I was faced with the prospect of having to possibly get a job or not being able to travel full time the ends I would go to would be extreme to keep this lifestyle going. I really can't imagine another one. Any other life would be a living hell for me.

Let me think of a few examples that wont cost me any money in case one of you guys want to try them out, or spark your own imagination:

Find a product, any product, in the third world, which you can buy in quantity for very cheap. Research the prices on eBay and coordinate with UPS to have these cheaply shipped and distributed in the United States. Make $1 per item and $2 per item on the shipping. Sell 2,000 of these per month and you have $6,000 net profit. There are some logistics there and you'd probably spend a good 20 hours a week listing auctions and answering emails, processing payments etc. Then another 10 hours per week average (a lot sometimes, little others) getting the products shipped and dealing with headaches.

In the end though thats $50+ per hour from any place in the world you desire.

Other options I can think of have to do with affiliate marketing and I wont go into them a great deal other than to say the opportunities are truly endless for somebody who knows how to use Google and can be creative and deal with some trial and error.

This might be my most unreadable post ever but I think that it might be able to help somebody. Nothing frustrates me more than to see smart people tell me that they want to get out of their jobs or travel or whatever and not do it. It is so fucking easy.

Off tomorrow or the next day to the Phillipines, I'll do a thorough Vietnam trip report with pictures when I can. After the Phillipenes most likely to Hong Kong and Macau and then Japan.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill