Friday, March 23, 2007

Macau=The Nuts

This city is great. This and Singapore are my new three day excursion choices.

It is like a cute little mini-Vegas, but without all of the toothless crackheads (a good thing), gorgeous coctail waitresses (a bad thing), slot machines (a good thing) and sadly, poker (a very, very bad thing).

The Wynn here looks identical to the one in Las Vegas except that it is about 1/3rd as tall. The inside looks very very similar but the layout is all table games. Where in Vegas they have rooms and rooms of slots and one or two 'pits' for the table games, here they have one or two rows of slots and rooms and rooms full of Baccarat and a strange version of three dice craps and a few other games.

One really funny thing about the casino's here is that there is very little emotion showed. Whether winning or losing, the players rarely react. They also are not consuming much alcohol. They all look like wealthy asian businessman who are very serious about their table gaming.

The city seems very safe to walk around, there are some pretty nice bar's etc. The nightlife doesn't compare to Vegas but it is still a pretty awesome city.

Headed off to Hong Kong tomorrow and I hope that is just as great.

Had a change in plans and will be heading to Monaco for the European Poker Tour's Main Event in Monte Carlo. Event starts on the 27th. Had an invitation to come to that that I just couldn't refuse. Can't say too much about it but this will be a tax deductible trip and I wont be playing much poker unless I can get really lucky in the last chance satellite in an hour.

After Monaco I think I'll mess around in the South of France for a few days, maybe head to Italy. My buddy Rob in Bangkok wants to take a trip to Japan and that has been on my list for awhile, so that may be where I spend the beginning of April. All pretty flexible right now, and I love that.

One other thing I think I might do is go back to the Kokua Festival in Hawaii in late April. That was so amazing last year and this will be Jack Johnson's only gig in the middle of his two year hiatus. I've turned into a huge huge Jack fan the last couple years and think it would be awesome to go to this festival every year. Eddie Vedder headlines with him this year.

Enough of my ramblings, but life is good now. I am loving my decision to put work on a back burner and focus on life. Spending 2 hours a day answering emails and the rest living life is much much more fulfilling than spending 10 hours a day online looking for ways to make more money.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill