Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hong Kong and Monaco

Hong Kong was amazing. That is the second city after Tokyo that I've seen in Asia that I would consider living in. Well besides Paradise (Bangkok) of coarse ;)

I was only there a few days but it was just one of those places that I clicked with. Great food, clean buildings and loads of nice places to go eat and drink. The cityskape is gorgeous . People don't speak too great of english and there is bad pollution, but other than that, I'd give the city an all around score of 9 or 9.5.

I'm in Monaco now. This place is EXPENSIVE. I paid $100 to get here from the airoport by Taxi for a twenty minute ride!

Beautiful place though. French people are big assholes but they can't ruin this country for me (yes, yes, I know Monaco is not technically France), no matter how hard they try.

I got invited to go to the PokerStars welcome party tonite, to be held at Jimmyz bar. I didn't think that sounded too great until I Googled Jimmyz. From the Worlds Best Bars website:
One look at the menu will make you realise why royalty and the uber-rich are its
stock in trade: cocktails cost more than £20 a go and that bottle of vintage
champagne on the oil Sheik's table will set you back most of your monthly
mortgage...Jimmy'z has seen every celebrity and sports star in Christendom pass
through its doors and models and millionaires are as ubiquitous in here as the
champagne and cocktails on offer.

Sounds like an ok time.

Not sure of my plans yet over the next month but no matter what happens I'm really looking forward to it. I have a feeling these next months are going to be some of the best of my life.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Friday, March 23, 2007

Macau=The Nuts

This city is great. This and Singapore are my new three day excursion choices.

It is like a cute little mini-Vegas, but without all of the toothless crackheads (a good thing), gorgeous coctail waitresses (a bad thing), slot machines (a good thing) and sadly, poker (a very, very bad thing).

The Wynn here looks identical to the one in Las Vegas except that it is about 1/3rd as tall. The inside looks very very similar but the layout is all table games. Where in Vegas they have rooms and rooms of slots and one or two 'pits' for the table games, here they have one or two rows of slots and rooms and rooms full of Baccarat and a strange version of three dice craps and a few other games.

One really funny thing about the casino's here is that there is very little emotion showed. Whether winning or losing, the players rarely react. They also are not consuming much alcohol. They all look like wealthy asian businessman who are very serious about their table gaming.

The city seems very safe to walk around, there are some pretty nice bar's etc. The nightlife doesn't compare to Vegas but it is still a pretty awesome city.

Headed off to Hong Kong tomorrow and I hope that is just as great.

Had a change in plans and will be heading to Monaco for the European Poker Tour's Main Event in Monte Carlo. Event starts on the 27th. Had an invitation to come to that that I just couldn't refuse. Can't say too much about it but this will be a tax deductible trip and I wont be playing much poker unless I can get really lucky in the last chance satellite in an hour.

After Monaco I think I'll mess around in the South of France for a few days, maybe head to Italy. My buddy Rob in Bangkok wants to take a trip to Japan and that has been on my list for awhile, so that may be where I spend the beginning of April. All pretty flexible right now, and I love that.

One other thing I think I might do is go back to the Kokua Festival in Hawaii in late April. That was so amazing last year and this will be Jack Johnson's only gig in the middle of his two year hiatus. I've turned into a huge huge Jack fan the last couple years and think it would be awesome to go to this festival every year. Eddie Vedder headlines with him this year.

Enough of my ramblings, but life is good now. I am loving my decision to put work on a back burner and focus on life. Spending 2 hours a day answering emails and the rest living life is much much more fulfilling than spending 10 hours a day online looking for ways to make more money.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bangkok Just Cannot Be Beat

Singapore, Vietnam and the Phillipines. I went to them all with high hopes and an open mind. None of them compares to Bangkok or Thailand. Singapore was the best of the three with pretty outstanding nightlife, a largely english speaking culture, a very clean and well maintained city and beautiful women. Though at a cost of probably three times as much as living in Thailand, a land locked small island nation and very strict laws on everything, I couldn't see myself as happy living there as in Bangkok.

Vietnam had some nice things about it, amazing cheap designer hats (for some odd reason), very interesting culture and people and was extremely cheap...though it kinda sucked. The people speak absolutely no english, they are abrasive and rude and the government taxes the shit out of tourists. I could never see myself living in Vietnam or even visiting again in the near future.

The Phillipines were hot and cold. The first night in town a very cool reader of this blog showed us around town and we had a blast (thanks Mark, you are the man!). After that we were kinda left to our own devices and were pretty scared really. Manilla is a pretty unsafe city it seems and we kept hearing stories about kidnappings and muggings and the like. Thats no fun. They have a lot of casino's there, a thriving sex tourism industry (where in Asia doesn't?) and the people speak english, but I think I'd also give the Phillipines a pass.

None of this is to say that I didn't enjoy visiting these places. I've had probably 10 serious girlfriends in my life and I regret none of them. Each one of them has taught me something about myself and about relationships and will ultimately make me happier with the woman I do settle down with. The same goes for travel. I just love Bangkok all that much more now.

Next off to Hong Kong and Macau, I've heard mixed reviews. After there to Japan which I went to last year and loved, so I can't imagine this year will be any different. Possibly some mainland China or South Korea. I'd be very interested in any tips or stories anybody has to share on any of these places. My email address is above or just post it here for discussion.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Friday, March 09, 2007

A New Chapter

I'm currently permabanned from 2+2. I didn't really do anything recent that warranted this but I have been pretty horrible at staying out of controversey lately (my blog post that I deleted was even cited as a reason). I can't say I fully disagree with the decision. Over two years on the site I've made a lot of great friends and been able to start some awesome businesses, as well as this blog, but I've also made a lot of missteps and some pretty passionate enemies...some of which are now powerful mod's on the site.

Well the interesting part is that this sucked for about five minutes. After those five minutes were up, it seriously feels like a weight has been lifted.

If I had to place a value on my 2+2 account I'd say it was worth $50,000+. Sucks to lose that. But at a later date I can always build up another name or maybe even get that one unbanned, if I care enough.

Though right now I can pretty much just sit back and do not much of anything at all and make far more than most American's. I've even started playing poker again and have had some good results, and at least for now, the focus that has escaped me for so long seems to be back.

My life over the last several months has been pretty awesome but I've spent far too much of it tied to the internet. Scanning the forums, answering emails, looking for new places to advertise and get my name out there.

Fuck all of that. It is time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I've grown enough. I'm going to spend far less time on AIM and no time at all on 2+2 or any other forums, and way less time on the internet in general.

Think I'm going to start focusing a lot more on poker as a challenge and mental exercise, not for the money, because I really do love the game. I also do not need the money. I'm also going to travel a lot more and get outside during the day a lot more. Exercise more and be a human again.

I've contacted a few poker coaches who have dominated some of the highest levels and I'll be working with them on improving my game, refocusing myself and assuming that I know nothing (which I've always found is the best way to learn anything).

Anyway here is to finding opportunity in life's setbacks. Applying this strategy has really helped me to overcome some pretty sick beats, and come out a better person on the other end. I genuinely feel that is going to be the case here as well.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Monday, March 05, 2007

Smart people shouldn't have to work

Unless they want to.

I will never have a job my entire life, unless I choose to. I am 100% confident in that fact. I don't know what I'll be doing in ten years, but I am certain I will be self-employed. The one exception would be taking a job which wasn't for money but to do it such as teaching or doing some kind of charity or volunteer work.

Smart people just should not have to work. There are so many ways to make money, I have probably ten different ways I can think of right now off the top of my head that I could make at least $50,000 per year working basically part time hours.

Gmail, Skype, Vonage, eBay, CraigsList, MySpace, Forums, Google and a ton of other websites and services have facilitated such an amazing wealth of opportunities for those who are self starters and intelligent.

I was in Vietnam with my good friend (probably my best friend) Will this week and we were going over options he has for his future and ways to make money. He seems to be stuggling with this notion and coming up with a way to make five or six grand a month to fund the kind of lifestyle he wants to live. I seriously cannot phathom that. I was bouncing idea's off of him and he was just kindof like 'yeah, yeah, maybe'. Wow. If I was faced with the prospect of having to possibly get a job or not being able to travel full time the ends I would go to would be extreme to keep this lifestyle going. I really can't imagine another one. Any other life would be a living hell for me.

Let me think of a few examples that wont cost me any money in case one of you guys want to try them out, or spark your own imagination:

Find a product, any product, in the third world, which you can buy in quantity for very cheap. Research the prices on eBay and coordinate with UPS to have these cheaply shipped and distributed in the United States. Make $1 per item and $2 per item on the shipping. Sell 2,000 of these per month and you have $6,000 net profit. There are some logistics there and you'd probably spend a good 20 hours a week listing auctions and answering emails, processing payments etc. Then another 10 hours per week average (a lot sometimes, little others) getting the products shipped and dealing with headaches.

In the end though thats $50+ per hour from any place in the world you desire.

Other options I can think of have to do with affiliate marketing and I wont go into them a great deal other than to say the opportunities are truly endless for somebody who knows how to use Google and can be creative and deal with some trial and error.

This might be my most unreadable post ever but I think that it might be able to help somebody. Nothing frustrates me more than to see smart people tell me that they want to get out of their jobs or travel or whatever and not do it. It is so fucking easy.

Off tomorrow or the next day to the Phillipines, I'll do a thorough Vietnam trip report with pictures when I can. After the Phillipenes most likely to Hong Kong and Macau and then Japan.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill