Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thailand 3 Months In

And loving it. No plans to leave, ever. Well, at least not for any extended period of time ;)

Me and Will are headed off on what could very well be one of the most memorable months of our lives. We are starting on around the 1st of March in Vietnam and have a loose itinerary of stops we want to see over our journey. The Phillipenes, Japan, China and Indonesia are all on the list of countries we'd like to visit.

No poker at all. I think I should probably change that note up on the top of the blog to read 'Professionally deriving my income from the online poker industry'. I really don't see playing poker to survive as something I'll ever do again. I guess if all else failed and I was faced with going back to America and getting some crappy job, I could borrow a few grand and grind out low stakes SNG's or cash games or ya, I guess poker is my last resort and safety net, from ever having to rejoin the real world.

Business ventures are going phenomenally well, even though I have had some serious image control issues lately. As my sites grow in popularity and exposure, so do the requirements of me to maintain a clean image and manage impressions of me and my business. That really isn't something I'm used to. I tend to kind of do whatever the fuck I want for the most part, and besides making some people not like me along the way (such as the anonymous stalkers of this blog who love to hate me), it really hasn't done me much harm. Lately it hurt my businesses some and I've been advised by people whom I trust and respect to chill out a little bit in the name of making money. So this I will try to do.

I think I might make a new anonymous blog and forum accounts so I can continue to do whatever the fuck I want, but not as Degen and Wild Bill and the owner of my sites. It really just isn't in my nature to take myself that seriously. That was one thing that the employee's of my company in Las Vegas had to say about my management style. They said they thought I didn't see myself like they saw me. I just felt like one of the people working in the office and they saw me as the CEO.

I got lazy and complacent and didn't finish the GMAT in time but also got some feedback from others that kind of made me decide against getting my MBA in Thailand. Got a lot of GMAT studying done and am going to keep preparing for that and try and put a bullet point or two more on the resume to help me get into a top school in Europe or America the next application season. Not even sure if I'd go, but fun to try and get in anyhow.

Happy Valentines day to you and yours.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill