Monday, January 22, 2007

MBA Time

There is a great MBA program created by Wharton and Kellogg right here in Bangkok. The degree will be from Chulalongkorn University and I'll likely have to do some 'selling' to have it recognized as more valuable than toilet paper back home, but then again, I'm not planning on ever applying for or holding a job, so who cares.

I've just submitted my application and am cramming for the GMAT right now. I take the GMAT on 1/30 right after returning from London. I'm predicting a 650-675 with an outside chance of cranking one out of the park and landing a 700-715. I know my raw intelligence is high and with the help of some training manuals I think I can do pretty well. I'm pretty lucky in that the stuff I do well in is exactly what they test. Algebra, critical reasoning and writing have always come easy. Calculus and biology are another story.

Chula isn't easy to get into but I banked a 3.5 GPA and graduated with honors from a well regarded University, and I think I can spice up my resume to look pretty good for post-college stuff.

Term starts in May and it is a two year full-time program. If nothing else it'll be a pretty good way to meet hot girls at the top university in Thailand (they have an undergraduate population in the tens of thousands).

If I should get a top shelf score on the GMAT I think I'll fire off some applications to Harvard, Wharton and Stanford just for kicks, if I got in there I think I'd be pretty much obligated to attend.

Anyway wish me luck.

Wild Bill