Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Suck at Poker...and Blogging

Not sure why but the last couple months I just haven't been inspired to keep making posts here. Hopefully I'll get a second wind soon. Thanks for continuing to check in.

Over the last month I've played poker part-time and am down a good amount. I have been a losing player for at least that last five months. As I continue to do well in other pursuits I need to play at higher and higher stakes to make it matter to me, and unfortunately those stakes are full of great players.

On a positive note Thailand is amazing and I doubt I'll ever leave for any significant amount of time again. I'm also doing very very well in my endeavors into internet marketing. I've made a lot of valuable contacts in my time as a pro poker player and I am fully leveraging them now. Can't really talk too much about what I'm doing, but the fact that poker has turned into a money losing hobby for me really isn't too much of a concern.

I know full well that if things go bad I can re-group and grind out $200 NL and make $100 an hour and still live this life.

My Thailand thread on 2+2 is also still going and several people have made trips over here, for this I am very proud. It's also cool that I'll probably end up with some more people to kick it with over here.

Off to London for a little vaction in a couple of weeks, will see Oxford again and then down to Paris before returning back to Bangkok in early Febuary. Going to Korat in North Eastern Thailand when I return to attend a Thai wedding with my girl. Should be interesting, that is one area of Thailand I've never been to. It is all rural farm land and very poor. The real third world.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill