Saturday, October 21, 2006

What happened to my game?

Looking back since I came to Vegas, my game has gone to shit. A year of success have lead me to a state of complacency. I've grown sloppy and overly-tricky. I don't have one main game and I have stopped learning. I still spend a lot of time on 2+2 and talking to 2+2ers, but the time is spent much less on learning about poker. I've become what I used to criticize. Somewhere along the way I stopped being critical of my own play and over-confident in what I know and what I can do.

I dare say that I am probably currently a losing poker player. It has become obvious to me while living with two winning players. They are constantly discussing hands and scenario's while I brush aside this talk and play super high stakes, for fun most of the time. Over the past weeks I've lost about $20,000 while playing only one or two tables at a time. Over the last four months my bankroll has gone from close to $300k to just over $100k. I've put a lot into my business and have also taken up some pretty lavish spending habits, but at least $100k has gone back to the tables due to my sloppy ways.

I'm putting this here so that I can admit it to myself, and hopefully take some strides to stop the bleeding and fix the situation. I'm not yet sure of where to start to get back to my old ways, but it needs to happen, now. Or I need to make poker just a hobby and play for vastly lower stakes and concentrate on business.

I'm open to suggestions and feedback. Maybe I just need a break from poker or something, put it off completely until I can come back to it with focus and vigor, like I used to have.

In other news things are looking great for me going to Thailand and possibly not returning for a long time. The business is nearing auto-pilot mode. I'm headed to LA in a week to see friends and go to Santa Barbara for Halloween (a big party holiday there), then off to Bangkok November 1st!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill