Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Headed Home

After four bittersweet months in Vegas it is finally time to head home. I am confident my affairs will remain in order here in my absence. I'm hoping I don't have to come back until Febuary or March, though it might end up being a bit sooner.

My good friend Will is moving over with me. He was my college roomate. Fun guy. He told me his girlfriend used to read my blog looking for dirt on him so I'll just go ahead and leave it at, I am really looking forward to going out on the town with him in Thailand.

I've logged a ton of hands the last few days in 2/4 and 3/6 and though I've had mixed results and am only up a bit, it felt pretty good. I like being able to pot the turn with two pair without shaking and thinking 'THATS TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS OUT THERE' like I had been. Even though I didn't realize it, I think I have been playing out of my comfort level for awhile.

Also it has been pretty nice playing against donkey fish like you don't find in the big games very often.

Time to go pack. Going to be a fun few weeks ahead.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill