Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Challenge going poorly. I lost another $7k the other night, five of that on one hand at 25/50. Not bad play, just bad cards. But being down is no fun.

Putting lots of effort into my business's this week with some amazing results. Have made a partnership with a major poker site I think will be very good for I'll announce it soon.

Also Discount Connection has absolutely been blowing up. I hired a great assistant and she's basically taken over our advertising department with some amazing results thus far. Its so nice to be able to run this company the right way, last time I did it I was practically broke the whole time. Learned a lot about saving money though.

I think I might chill on the cash games for a bit, not sure...I've played a bunch of SNG's the last couple nights and have done pretty well...up about $6,000 so far. Obviously just variance but it's nice playing poker where I can get all my money in on the flop with top pair and not be worried that I'm up against and set...just shove it in there.

Also found a great poker tax guy, at long last. Would be glad to give a referral for any of you other big players who don't have all of that in order yet.

Check back for updates on the freeroll and for announcements about the partnership.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill