Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Wild Bill

After over a month of eighty our weeks in Vegas I took a little break and headed to LA for the weekend. My birthday was Sunday and all of my good friends from UCSB cleared their schedules for Saturday night so we could go out. For anybody in their mid-twenties, you know just how rare that is, so I had to go. Those guys are like my family really. Little Guy, Brando, Bizzle, Alo and Wildo...I love you guys.

We all hung out at Will's house in North Hollywood and took shots, planned out our coming trip to Thailand (we're headed out November 1st) and caught up. Then headed out to the Sunset Strip for some more drinking. At 2am we were just getting started and the place was closed so the little guy tells us about some club in Hollywood open until 9am called the Spider Room. One of the best clubs I have ever been in. It's 100% my style. Looked like a renovated movie theater. Packed with people, 80%+ of them Asian, great house music, good vibe. Just a dope club all around.

We lasted till about 5am then took off for some drunken noisy Denny's. Good times.

Yesterday played in the $540 NL Shootout at Commerce and thought I was finally going to get past my first table but got heads up and ran absolutely card dead and lost to a pretty tough opponent. Came back and hung out with Will and some new roomates of his, and headed out for some more rowdiness. Though I've been living in Vegas for awhile, this sort of stuff just hasn't been a part of what I do. Just changes when you live there I guess.

Spent awhile trying to teach Will how to play cash games profitably last night. Maybe I'll take him on as my first student in ages. I really think the hardest part for somebody like him in learning from somebody else is unlearning all of the things he thinks he 'knows' after years of playing poker. Most people who've been playing poker for a few years are pretty set in their ways. We'll see though...I'd take great pride in teaching somebody how to make $200 an hour in only a few hours of my own time.

As for +/- of poker, I've kept at the SNG's a bit and am now up just over $1,000 for September. I had dropped into the negative so this is positive news. Though doesn't look like I'll be hitting my $50k goal unless I catch some serious heat soon.

Trying to get out of Vegas as soon as humanly possible. Asian Poker Tour in Singapore in late October then the trip to Thailand with my boys from 11/1-11/20.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill