Thursday, September 07, 2006

Crazy Day

Man the swings at bigger stakes are intense. I decided to move up today after starting the morning off very good at 5/10. I three and four tabled 10-20 most of the day. Up seven grand, then down five, then up three, then back up to seven, all within a couple of hours. Brutal.

Ate dinner, watched a movie, worked on setting up a date later in the week, then played some more. The $25/50 was shorthanded and had a couple of fish, so I sat. Played a couple orbits and then this hand came up:

I'm in the BB with 4h, 4s, folds to SB. He makes it $200, I call.

Flop Kd, Qh 4c. SB checks, I check. Turn 2d. SB checks, I bet about half pot, SB raises to $1000. I stop and wonder if I'm about to lose five grand on one hand set over set. I decide that it doesn't matter, no poker player in their right mind would fold this hand, so I call.

River brings the 9c, letting open ended get there, and an outside chance of 99 beating me. He bets hard, I push for a pretty big raise, he calls me instantly with AK.

Ship the five grand.

+$12,000 day.


Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill