Saturday, September 09, 2006


Was up as much as five thousand so in all it was a fifteen thousand dollar swing. I was multitabling $10/20 NL at the time so it really isn't that much in terms of buy-ins, at least not abnormal. Unfortunately the last $6,000 came as I was telling myself I should not be playing because I'd taken so many beats/was not thinking 100% clearly. I wouldn't really call it full on tilt but it was pretty close. Bad bill, very bad.

That was Thursday night, took Friday off. Probably wont play today either.

Other things are going very well right now however. I'm very close to finalizing a partnership with a major poker site for I've been trying very hard to build awareness of and traffic to the site. This should be a major step in the right direction for that goal. As soon as the deal is finalized I'll post the full details here. If anybody has any experience with Press Releases or with SEO please get in touch with me, I could use some help in those area's.

Also the business is pretty much in auto-pilot here and I'm getting ready to get back to Thailand. I'll hopefully be able to get back in the next week or two, though I certainly won't leave before it's a good idea for my business. Our phone system and brochures need to be finished then I can get on a plane!

I've been getting a lot of emails and requests regarding rakeback. If you have questions about Party shoot me an email, they don't allow rakeback but I can give you any information you need. For other sites I highly reccomend checking out don't profit from your participation in any of the programs there, its an unbiased directory.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill