Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I showed up to the Main Event fashionably late, 30 mintues. Just as I'm putting the free PartyPoker stuff on the floor I get dealt my first hand. I look down and see the beautiful Ten of clubs and Four of diamonds. I decide to pass on this marvelous hand and wait for a better opportunity. The next hand I pick up the Eight and the Six of spaids. One person limps. I can make a straight flush with these cards! Its less than 1% of my stack to call! I call!! Three more people call, then the button raises it to 5 BB's. Big Blind calls, limper calls. Ok looking like its gonna be a nice pot. Massive implied odds. Ok 2% of my stack, into the pot! Limpers call.

Flop 5 spaids 6 clubs 7 spaids.

Checked to me. Ok wow. I just hit like all of that, hard. Ship it. Check.

Limper bets out 500, folded to raiser who makes it 2500. Folded back to me. Limper looks very ready to muck his hand.

This guy obviously has AA or KK. No doubt in my mind. I am a MONSTER favorite to AA or KK.

I push.

He calls.

I bustout of my first WSOP Main Event after only two hands.

This is what it takes for me to post a bad beat. $5,000 a hand. I've had this blog for a year and to my reccolection that was my first bad beat post.

So ya, that sucked big donkey penis. But at least I got it out of the way fast. I'm hard at work in my call center now, in the beginning of what might be a lengthy break from poker.

This WSOP was not kind to my bankroll. I am still in great shape, but not in nearly as great of shape as I was 6 weeks ago.

Time to clear my head. I'm poker'd out right now. Think I'll put my full attention into making this company spew money for me while I sit on the beach in Thailand.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill