Friday, August 18, 2006

The Real World

Not much to report on the poker or travel fronts. Me and my good buddy Mike are putting in 15+ hour days right now getting this call center setup in Vegas. I've invested about $30k into it so far and according to my projections, I'll need to put in another $60k in the next three months, but after that it will be smooth sailing pulling in $25-30k a month profit MINIMUM.

I've mentioned the business only in passing here but basically the deal is I ran it for a year with a partner until I went pro last July. I worked for similar companies for about 18 months or so prior to that. The company requires a rather large bankroll to operate properly and at the time I just didn't have it, so I went poker. If you've looked over this blog at all you'll know that I've been a tremendous luckbox over the last year in poker and have netted quite a tidy sum. So now with a substantial bankroll (at least in comparison to what I had when I went pro), and nothing but time on my hands, seems like a solid time to make some real world cash.

The guys I admire most in poker are not the Phil Ivey's and the Chip Reese's, it's the Phil Gordon's and the Brian Haveson's. The guys who are fabulously wealthy outside of poker but play for the love of the game, and for sport and as a profitable hobby. Not that I want to play any less over the next year or years, but I wouldn't mind having $30k+ a month coming in passively so I can get rich off of interest while I play my poker ;)

So ya, the business is nothing sexy, but its a beautiful direct response sales model that would take a supreme idiot to screw up. I love the simplicity of it...we drop ad's, people call us, we train rep's to take those incoming calls, we convert a decent amount of those calls into sales, we sit back and watch the beauty of recurring billing go to work for us.

Pimping out our new pad, a house in Henderson, I'll get some pic's up soon if I can of the office+house etc.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill