Sunday, August 27, 2006

Getting Healthy

I'm on a new mission, to get healthy. I had a scary incident recently that was directly linked to my health. I'm 25, this shouldn't be a concern of mine, or so I thought. Everything is relatively fine now but I need to make some serious changes if I want to be walking this earth in 20 years or more. Over the last year I've become utterly complacent with my exercise and eating habits. I haven't prepared a meal in I have no idea how long. I also haven't exercised in even longer. That is starting to catch up to me.

So here is me putting this on wax.

Time to get healthy!

Some 2+2ers helped me put together a little roadmap and here it is:

1) no drugs
2) no more than 2 drinks in a sitting, and no more than 4 drinks in a day
3) no more than 1 fast food (american type fast food, foreign health fast food doesn't count) per month
4) exercise 3 times a week
5) at least one salad every 2 days, and at least 2 pieces of fruit a day
6) no smoking
7) more sex
8) no soda

Should be easy ;) Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Products and the Next Step

As this was started as a poker blog about my experiences playing for a living, I didn't think anybody still reading would care too much about my company but I've had multiple requests and even a little bicker about me not getting into what we sell, so I'll gladly get into it here, if you don't care, skip this post.

Through incoming 800# calls what we do is signup customers for a free trial to use one of our services. When we ran the company before, and as we are getting started now, we offer an auction listing service to callers interested in finding a good deal on a used car. Their membership entitles them to three things:

1) Access to our members only website where they can get auction listings for their area along with tips on purchasing a vehicle at auction along with a host of other information, services and tips, all related to attending auctions or to purchasing a used or new vehicle in general.

2) Access to our member support department where they can call in and speak to a live rep who will give them listings over the phone, explain the process to them and assist them in finding a good deal on a used vehicle for sale by owner or through a dealer in their area.

3) Auctions listings for their area as well as other helpful membership materials that we mail out to them, and which they can request, free of charge, at any time during their membership.

After covering $1.95 in shipping they have a free trial to use the service, during which they can cancel at any time, and after which they are billed monthly if they choose to remain members. We tweak the trial period lengths and monthly membership fee, but the standard is somewhere in the neighborhood of a 30 day trial and $20 a month thereafter. They can cancel at anytime and get a refund for any unused portion of their membership.

We are rolling out a real estate forclosure listing service very soon, but this is a much more involved product as the listings need to be constantly updated and accurate for each area. We're hoping to have this ready for market within the next month. It works the same as above except that it is all geared around the specific property listings and the service typically bills at a higher monthly rate, in the neighborhood of $40 per month after their trial.

Once people activate their free trials we offer them free trials into other services from partner companies. For accepting any one of these they typically get a free gift of some kind like a 3day/2night hotel stay or a $25 gas card. We call these 'upsells' and we offer several of them to each caller, and most people signup for them. We get a 'bounty' on these sales from the partner companies and it provides a nice source of stable, large revenues, as opposed to the stable but slow in coming recurring billings we get for our 'core' products.

Simple model really: we drop ads for the core products, generate calls and teach rep's to field the calls, teach them how to get a high number of upsells and then sit back and watch the money come in. Very sceintific and little is left to chance or guesswork, which I like.

If you aren't asleep yet, I'll tell you about the long term vision for the company. We'll be setting this firm up as a partner to a call center outsourcing firm, currently without a name, that will take inbound calls for a number of different business types. Discount Connection (the company I described above) will be just the first client of this firm and will provide the start-up revenue to get it kick-started.

The outsourcing firm will have small to medium centers setup around the globe. First office being in Las Vegas, next will likely be Thailand, then destinations of our choosing to follow: Argentina, Spain, Estonia etc. The centers will be staffed with recent American college graduates who want to travel but might not have enough money saved up to finance such travel, or who perhaps just want the experience of living and working abroad. We'll probably expand the pool to college students who want to do work abroad programs or just take time off etc. We'll get a talented and motivated labor pool who likely wouldn't take the same work in their home towns, and who will be willing to work for less than their fair market value back home. They'll get free room and board, an exciting place to live and work and a fantastic experience. Our partner companies will get to skip the down-sides of working with call centers in India and other places while still acheiving the cost savings they are looking for. We anticipate partnering with a wide range of corporate clients such as Dell, Verizon Wireless, AT&T and many others.

This model has been tested and has been successful with European companies and we are confident it will work with American companies as well.

All of the above is obviously a calculated risk on my part, but one that can possibly pay huge dividends for me in the event of a sale, IPO or just in having a successful and profitable company that doesn't require a tremendous amount of my time after the start-up and early growth stages are completed.

Flame away, but bear in mind an amazing quote I read today from Albert Einstein:

'Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds'

Thanks for reading, now get back to working on your early retirement!

Wild Bill

Saturday, August 19, 2006

WSOP Main Event Chip Count Controversy

Just found a pretty cool blog you guys might want to checkout:

Its Richard Brodie's, the original author of Microsoft Word who's had some great successes on the tourney trail of late. He puts forth a fairly convincing case about the possibility of either:

A) Cheating during the ME


B) Gross negligence/incompetence on the part of Harrah's

I'll let you read his latest post for the details. Interesting stuff.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Real World

Not much to report on the poker or travel fronts. Me and my good buddy Mike are putting in 15+ hour days right now getting this call center setup in Vegas. I've invested about $30k into it so far and according to my projections, I'll need to put in another $60k in the next three months, but after that it will be smooth sailing pulling in $25-30k a month profit MINIMUM.

I've mentioned the business only in passing here but basically the deal is I ran it for a year with a partner until I went pro last July. I worked for similar companies for about 18 months or so prior to that. The company requires a rather large bankroll to operate properly and at the time I just didn't have it, so I went poker. If you've looked over this blog at all you'll know that I've been a tremendous luckbox over the last year in poker and have netted quite a tidy sum. So now with a substantial bankroll (at least in comparison to what I had when I went pro), and nothing but time on my hands, seems like a solid time to make some real world cash.

The guys I admire most in poker are not the Phil Ivey's and the Chip Reese's, it's the Phil Gordon's and the Brian Haveson's. The guys who are fabulously wealthy outside of poker but play for the love of the game, and for sport and as a profitable hobby. Not that I want to play any less over the next year or years, but I wouldn't mind having $30k+ a month coming in passively so I can get rich off of interest while I play my poker ;)

So ya, the business is nothing sexy, but its a beautiful direct response sales model that would take a supreme idiot to screw up. I love the simplicity of it...we drop ad's, people call us, we train rep's to take those incoming calls, we convert a decent amount of those calls into sales, we sit back and watch the beauty of recurring billing go to work for us.

Pimping out our new pad, a house in Henderson, I'll get some pic's up soon if I can of the office+house etc.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tentatively Back Into Poker

The number of responses to my WSOP bustout hand astounds me. The number of hits this blog is getting also does. Thanks for the interest (if you think I suck etc) and for the support (if you don't) lol. I waited a bit to put up my finish because I thought it was very uninteresting. I still think I played it right but some good points have been made for maybe folding.

Anyway, have been experimenting with a new game, can't give much more details than that unfortunately, and it has proven pretty lucrative thus far. Could be just heat, but it sure feels good to win again, even if for a short time.

Had the funnest night out of my Vegas stint the other night. Hung out with AllInDan, Nath, my buddy Mike and some intersting friends of Nath's. Inveted a game (Pot Limit Badugi), and played for lap dances, before heading over to Spearmint Rhino. My $1,000 spent felt great in comparison to what one of our group spent. Though he got a blow job lol. Needless to say, it was a memorable evening. It still stands that I have yet to meet a 2+2er who is not a top-notch person. That truly is the cream of the crop.

Anyway off for some more poker, and to build this business up.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I showed up to the Main Event fashionably late, 30 mintues. Just as I'm putting the free PartyPoker stuff on the floor I get dealt my first hand. I look down and see the beautiful Ten of clubs and Four of diamonds. I decide to pass on this marvelous hand and wait for a better opportunity. The next hand I pick up the Eight and the Six of spaids. One person limps. I can make a straight flush with these cards! Its less than 1% of my stack to call! I call!! Three more people call, then the button raises it to 5 BB's. Big Blind calls, limper calls. Ok looking like its gonna be a nice pot. Massive implied odds. Ok 2% of my stack, into the pot! Limpers call.

Flop 5 spaids 6 clubs 7 spaids.

Checked to me. Ok wow. I just hit like all of that, hard. Ship it. Check.

Limper bets out 500, folded to raiser who makes it 2500. Folded back to me. Limper looks very ready to muck his hand.

This guy obviously has AA or KK. No doubt in my mind. I am a MONSTER favorite to AA or KK.

I push.

He calls.

I bustout of my first WSOP Main Event after only two hands.

This is what it takes for me to post a bad beat. $5,000 a hand. I've had this blog for a year and to my reccolection that was my first bad beat post.

So ya, that sucked big donkey penis. But at least I got it out of the way fast. I'm hard at work in my call center now, in the beginning of what might be a lengthy break from poker.

This WSOP was not kind to my bankroll. I am still in great shape, but not in nearly as great of shape as I was 6 weeks ago.

Time to clear my head. I'm poker'd out right now. Think I'll put my full attention into making this company spew money for me while I sit on the beach in Thailand.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill