Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sorry to anybody who has been waiting for an update. I haven't much been in the mood to write lately. Had a big night out the other night with Rob (from Thailand), we were planning on meeting some of his friends for bottle service and strippers at Ghost Bar but Brit's don't beleive in cell phones so we missed them. No worries, we checked out Jet, a new club at Mirage. Its top notch. Very nice place. Three rooms and a good crowd, me and rob got completely wrecked and chased around every pack of asian girls we could find. We probably would have had some success if we weren't so drunk lol

I vaguely recall saying goodbye to Rob when he was talking to somebody (I'm assuming female, but I really don't remember) and I think this was at Rio, but it could have been at Mirage or who knows where.

Anyway I woke up Sunday still drunk and not in time to play the NLHE Shootout event. Fun times though. I checked my phone and I called up my friend Will, who I haven't spoken to in awhile now...we got in a fight and he's still mad at me. If you read this, I miss you bro and please give me a call. I have no idea what I said to him but I'm sure it wasn't coherent as I was beyond wasted.

The next night went out again with Rob and some English/Irish buddies of his to a great restaurant in Wynn called Tableau. I'd never been to a REALLY nice restaurant before, and it was awesome. With tip it was $1,100 for the six of us, but it was an amazing meal. Several courses, great wine, amazing fillet of something I can't pronounce. We tried Vodoo lounge after but that lasted a whopping one drink as all of us were clearly still hungover.

Tuesday played the $1,500 NL and finally got hold of some chips and went pretty deep. 2,100 players started and I lasted till about 600 left, which was pretty phenomenal consdering my showings in other events. Went out running a big bluff, but whatever, I'm proud of my showing. $5k NL short-handed in a few days that I'm really looking forward to, and the Main Event just around the corner.

Business is coming together very well, I'm very lucky to have found a great manager to run things for me who has way more experience in the industry than I do. I'm also blessed to have luckboxed my way into enough money to pay his salary. I'm hoping to be back to Thailand in mid to late August as long as things keep going as they are with the business.

Thats all for now, I'll try to update a bit more frequently.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill