Thursday, July 06, 2006


Couldn't get any financing on a used Benz cuz my credit sucks, so I decided to put down a large deposit and go for the new c230. There it is. Its the lowest model Benz available, picked it up for $33.8k...but I can't tell the difference. Handling is better than any car I have ever driven and everytime I get into it I stop for about a full minute and just look at it and grin.

I deserve it.

It's also fantastic luck as I drove it over to Rio last night (first trip to play poker in it) on my poker break and won the $540 second chance tourney, in my second shot at it. First time I won in a chop, this time I played it out.

$16,500 paid for half the car :)

Moving right along starting up Discount Connection Las Vegas. A good friend of mine works for a very similar company in Santa Barbara and I'm working on getting him out to Vegas to work for me. Also meeting up with a manager soon who has 15 years of experience running call centers, something I was very poor at even though I understand the business very well. Being a manager is not something I excel in or even want to do.

Still looking for an assistant. I have no idea how to go about responding to all of these resume's. But whatever, it'll work itself out.

Think I'm going to hold off on cash games for the rest of the series as I am playing great tournament poker right now but not so great cash game poker. I'm trying to get too fancy but in the tourneys I seem to be playing very well...the results are aligning with how I am playing as well.

I am still down for this trip even though I've now cashed for over $34,000 in MTT's.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill