Thursday, July 20, 2006

One Year as a Pro!!

What an amazing year it has been. One year ago today, sitting in my office in Davis, California, I decided to put my company on hold and play poker full-time. At the time I was grinding out $33-$109 SNG’s. I was making a bit of money and thought my chances of success were good, especially after I had just cashed for over $15,000 in a PartyPoker Super Monday Tournament. That was an obscene amount of money for me at the time, winning it made me high for over a week.

Little did I know what the future would have in store for me. This year has brought me personal and financial success that I never thought possible. The capper came in May when I won over $100,000 in a poker tournament, nearly ten times what I won last July. Though the happiness and joy this tournament win brought me were nothing compared to what I felt last year. To be able to lead this life, to have 100% financial and personal freedom, is such a gift. Its been a great run.

I’ve had a dream to travel the world continuously since I took my first trip abroad in the summer of 2001. I went to Europe over summer for six weeks and caught the ‘travel bug’ full-on. Everything since then had been planning to take that trip. In October of last year, I started that journey. I hit the road for Bangkok, Thailand with two of my closest friends. After Bangkok I came back and packed my things and hit the road for good. I went to Amsterdam, Paris and Munich, then back to Thailand.

I decided to settle into Thailand and while there traveled extensively throughout the country. While there I visited Australia, Japan, Hawaii and took a trip back to America for some WSOP prep. In June I returned to Vegas to play in my first WSOP events.

I’ve had some amazing experiences over the past year, and made more money than I thought was possible. I’m in such a good position now that I am restarting my business to have basically as an asset. It shouldn’t require too much of my time at all as I’ve hired a great manager to oversee things for me.

Poker is still my greatest passion, that I also consider a huge victory. Many people burn out on the game and lose the love. I have not lost it one bit.

For anybody wondering whether going pro is for them, I’d say to be properly bankrolled first. Have six months of living expenses saved up. Be confident in your game and willing to work at it everyday, and give it a shot. I can’t imagine a better lifestyle than this one. It has its ups and downs but the perks absolutely cannot be beat.

I’m having a hard time imagining what my life might look like in one, two or three years. I know it will look good, better than I could have anticipated a year ago. I can say confidently that if I want to be playing poker for a living at that time…that is exactly what I will be doing. I have proven myself a winner at One Table
Tournaments both online and live, Multi Table Tournaments both online and live and in cash games both online and live.

I hope to continue preparing for a very early retirement and playing the game I love while traveling the world. The rest will take care of itself.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill