Saturday, July 01, 2006

I am Boycotting the Rio

What a horribly run place. The floor people for the WSOP are the only saving grace I can find, along with the very nice suites they have.

The SNG satellite system is horrendous, they make players wait in long lines before getting tables. They've turned the whole event into a huge marketing tool and have turned none of that revenue over to the players who make it all happen, on the contrary, they get us for every nickel they can at every corner.

All of that would not make me boycot the place but these two incidents have sent me over the line:

First I didn't want to leave all of my funds in my Bellagio box and have to transfer it back and forth for each event, for cash games etc. So I went to Rio and got a box there. I posted this on 2+2 as well so I'll just post here what happened:

Link to thread on 2+2

I usually keep my cash at Bellagio, which is more than happy to provide a very secure safe box for any of their hi limit players. Just have to get a referral from a floor man in the poker room. Though I'm going to be buying into a lot of events and playing satellites and cash games at Rio as well, and don't want to decide too far in advance which events etc, so decided to get a safe at Rio as well.


First off, they charge you $25 to use the safe on top of the industry standard $100 deposit. I have never, in any casino, been charged a fee for this. They did.

Next, they only allow the box to be used during the WSOP. At the end you have to clear it out, by the day after the main event, or they turn over the contents of the box to the state. wtf? yes this can be avoided if you plan, but what a stupid retarded ass policy. why not just hold it for you like any other casino does? 'because it is a special event'. thats just friggin rediculous.

Ok I knew all of this, and decided the positives of having money there were better than having to bring it back and forth from Bellagio or whatever, so I did it.

Tonite I go to access my box after getting it 2 days ago, and they try my key and it does not work. They look up my name and they say the key I have is not for a box that is in my name. They say the box that is in my name does not work with this key.

They finally open up the box that is in my name, and it is empty!!!!!! I left a large amount of cash in my box two days ago. I'm left there for at least ten minutes wondering what is going on and if I am ever going to get see my money again. They ignore my questions and speak in hush tones as they look through files and mess with keys. Finally they apologize and tell me there has been a mistake.

They put my box in somebody else's name, and luckily that person had not come in yet to access it. The other persons box was in my name and luckily there was nothing in it, or I would have had access to it, and that would be a problem.

So finally they use the key I have on the other person's box and I am able to convince them it is mine by telling them how much money is in it exactly, and how it is arrainged. I was also able to tell them a specific piece of paper that was in the box. This satisified them, and I was able to get my money.

Obviously I'd decided after all of this that I'd deal w/ storing it elsewhere, and I asked for my $25 fee back. Sorry, we can't help you with that, you paid the fee.

So ya. If you plan on leaving a lot of money there, I'd say its a bad move. Might as well go with a better casino with more well trained employees.

Ok so as if that weren't enough, two nights ago I got a room at Rio. Staying with Nick a bit off of the strip I thought would work, but its having me playing less. I also love the amenities you can get staying in a big hotel. So anyway, got a room there and asked the front desk what the poker rate was. $109 weekday, $199 weekend. I asked how much it would be to check in on my own, and that price was cheaper. I didn't want to lose my spot though for the poker rate, as I could have had that one for over a month. I ask the woman if I'd be gauranteed to have a room if I came back in two nights. She gaurantee's I'd have a room and they have an entire tower dedicated to the WSOP. Cool, I book my room for two nights and go about my business.

This morning I go back up there to switch rooms.

"Sorry, we're booked."

"Yes, but I was told you had rooms set aside for the WSOP."

"We did, we are booked now. We can give you a room for $350 if you like."

"Manager please"

"Hi, we're booked, can't help you"

"I was promised a room.

"Well we don't have any, come back on Monday"

"This woman just said I could have one tonite if I paid more"

"We are booked, we have no rooms tonite"

"So you are saying that two of your employees have now lied to me in the last two days?"

"I guess so"

At this point I explain to him what happened with the safe box and while I want to give this company a lot of business for the place they are in as host of the WSOP, its getting very hard for me now. I ask him to make an exception for me and set me up with a room tonite, at the poker rate ($199).

"Sorry, you have to come back on Monday, we don't have any rooms tonite"


I have never in my life experienced such lack of concern for keeping customers as I have gotten at the Rio this week. I advise any reader of this blog to try as hard as you can to take your business elsewhere. I will still be playing the WSOP events and satellites there, but they will get none of my cash game play money, nor will I ever stay in their hotel again.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill