Thursday, June 29, 2006

Splendid Recovery

Decided to stop into the Rio tonite against my better judgement. Wanted to spend the day not playing poker for fear of tilt, but after reading the paper and having some coffee, I couldn't really think of anything in Vegas I wanted to do. So decided to play some tournaments. No possible way to lose much money, and I don't tilt ever in tournaments, the risk of busting out (which isn't an option in cash games, can just keep reloading) keeps me in line.

So anyway, played a $200 rebuy tournament for a WSOP Main Event seat (cash for me, I have one), busted fairly early.

No worries. Hung out with Rob a bit ( and decided to have a go at the Second Chance $540 tournament. They have this nightly at 5pm. 190 people tonite, first prize of $30k.

Ran extremely well and accumulated a monster stack. All of my moves were working and just about every time I got all in PF I won my coin flips. Even had one hand where I re-raised a button raise all in w/ 46o vs AKo and sucked out when the flop came 433.

Got to the final table as the 2nd chip stack and had great success re-raising the big stack all in. He was crushing the table with his constant raising, and I was the only person who could really put a dent in his stack. He never called me once, and this kept me alive well.

He finally melted down and busted 5th. We played a few orbits and finally decided to go for a chop as the average stack was just over 10 big blinds. Thats an insane crap shoot, for a whole lot of money. When we chopped I had the chip lead at 95k to 80k to 78k to 32k.

I took home $18,300, second a bit under $16k, 3rd slightly less than that and 4th $13,300. Not a bad deal for me I think, as second place paid out $16,000, and I was by no means gauranteed first. Especially as the 2nd and 3rd stacks were both very skilled and dangerous players.

So this is my 2nd biggest cash ever, but I must say I'm getting quite used to it. Doesn't feel all that special. Maybe its just because I didn't even fully make up for last night with it :)

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill