Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Words of Wisdom

Just saw this on 2+2 and these are some insanely true words, and pretty much sum up my plan and what should be the plan of anybody else into poker and with a descent level of intelligence. Posted by Lyric here.

I could teach a retarded monkey to beat this game for 80k/yr. No problem. I can teach anyone of above avg intelligence to beat the 1k and 2k games and easily make $250k/yr.

If you love the game, by all means play. Play a lot. Make a lot of money and invest it. When you become bored of the game take some of the hundreds of thousands that you've saved and do something grand with it.

If you don't fancy stock market investing, start a chain of Olive Garden restaurants. Buy some land and start a golf driving range. Buy a gas station. Buy and place vending machines all over the city. Start a hand car wash. Buy apartment buildings and renovate them.

Now hire a bunch of college kids to work for you and you and your growing empire, and hire guys with degrees to manage it for you.

Now vacation all over the world doing whatever the F you want. Buy a few vacation homes. Buy a few exotic cars. Play super high stakes poker whenever you want because you've hundreds of millions in the bank, all because you made a living playing a game you love.

Poker can be a great way to kick start an empire. College, internships, and summer jobs are a great way for reasonably intelligent people to torture themselves and virtually guarantee a life of hard work, long wage whoring hours and barely enough money to retire at 65.

Truly wealthy individuals are usually business owners. If you can make it in poker now, don't miss a golden opportunity to kickstart an empire.

Lyric is a wise man.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill


Wow, an amazing post in the same thread after Lyric's backing it up, from somebody who has been there, check this one out:

Posted by spamhead here.

I would guess most of the people on this board are above average intelligence.

I just got canned from a $125K job that I was at for 11 years. We had a hostle takeover and most management lost their jobs.

I made the company over $50 Million in my time there, worked like a damn dog, and put them in the top spot for e-commerce in the printing industry.

And I get repaid by getting a sevrance? F that. Working for the man is OK for some, but a terrible idea for us smarter people.

Work for yourself, play poker, get up late, do whatever the hell you want to do. You were blessed by God with a better than average brain, use it for your self, not for someone else to suck it dry and throw you out with the trash.

don't be a slave.