Thursday, May 18, 2006


Commerce has been fantastic. I've been putting off posting this as I'd hate to jinx myself but as Commerce comes to a close it's been one helluva profitable trip, and also a major confidence booster as well.

I've only cashed in one tournament but the cash games have been going great. The days are kinda blending together right now because I'm on a really odd 30-36 hour schedule, going to bed anywhere from 9am to 4pm, but over the last several days I've had the following sessions:

-less than $50
+2.3k just now


Thats all at 10/20 NL, all at Commerce and all in the middle of the night. I'm having a lot of success following the advice of LaPoker and others on 2+2 of figuring out who the bad players are at my tables, what their exploitable weaknesses are and then playing a lot of pots with them.

Example 1: the type of players who would be moderate to big winners in the lower games by playing along with their cards, but who turn into fish in games with skilled/creative players, because they give up too easily post flop if they don't improve their big cards or small pairs.

How to exploit this type of player: isolate them PF and C-bet flop or turn when they check, works as often as they miss the board. Obviously doing this every time will be picked up on by even the worst of opponents, but doing it 75% of the time or so is lethal to them.

Example 2: noticing the types of players who are good at poker and which hands to play, but go to far with AK when an A flops or with an overpair on a low board.

How to exploit this? Call their raises with the types of hands that love to crack big hands, being small pocket pairs or suited connectors or one gap cards. Yes this only works when you hit the flop hard but when you do, you are sure to make a lot of money.

Example 3: thats enough of my secret weapons for today ;)

Unfortunately it looks like the trip to Europe is a no-go, Will had some trouble converting his frequent flier miles and getting the free ride over, and since he's a cheap bitch, no way he's going to cough up the $500 for the airfare (weak sauce!!!) so we're taking a consolation trip to Vegas on Tuesday and meeting up with a bunch of friends over Memorial Day Weekend, then possibly another trip after this to some place else in the US. I'm leaning toward going back to Thailand for a few weeks or a month after this, but if anybody has some kickass suggestions for what to do for a week or two in the USA please post here or email me.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill