Monday, April 10, 2006

Main Event Here I Come!

Played a Double Shootout on Stars this Morning from a Manga Cafe (just found out Manga Cafe's are the coolest thing in the world), won my first table in convincing fashion and played some of my finest poker ever (read: none of my bluffs were called and I never got sucked out). Second table started about a half hour later and I'm trying my best to keep calm. Blinded down, won some small pots, blinded down, then five handed I caught fire. I kept flopping top pair and getting paid off nasty. Long story semi-short, I won it and the $12,000 package. So looks like I'll be sporting PokerStars gear at this years Main Event ;)

Feels nice. Must be the lucky TAG. Paid for itself already.


I have gotten roughly $11,000 in staking offers so far with most of those paid up. I put in $15,000 of my own money and now PokerStars has just chipped in $12,000 more, so I am now only $7,000 short of my goal for being backed for all of the events I posted. Ohhhhhh baby I'm stoked!!!!!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill