Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I told a good friend my stats today, and he replied 'you sure like to gloat don't you?' so ya, here are my stats so far at the Party 5/10 NL (and yes I know they mean absolutely nothing other than that I am on a sick heater).

3405 Hands
$3.37 profit/hand
$11,489.11 total profit

Utterly unsustainable but it's fun :)

I'm now up over $14,000 since switching to cash games with 3/6 and 10/20 factored in, though I've been playing those much less.

Regarding game play. I've only been stacked once when I maybe should have folded. Yesterday with KK vs AA all in on the flop. Other than that I've made some nice reads and some big laydowns. I tend to play a lot better (like most people) when I am running well. I hope I can retain composure when things aren't going so great.

Here's to keeping my heater going!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables.

Wild Bill

P.S. Forgot the obligatory picture of some cute Thai girls. Please forgive me.