Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Punishment

To punish myself for my horrible tilt control and bankroll management splurge of the other day, I'm going to play 2/4 NL 6-max until I have recovered all of the $12,000 I have lost. Clawed back to about $4,500 then just had a $1,000 losing session, so $8,500 more to go and I'll be back at 5/10. Hopefully with some more discipline.

So far my LAG-tard style has racked up 3569 hands with 17% PFR for 11.99ptbb's/100.

Nothing much exciting, just seeing Hawaii with Mom. Played golf for the first time on a real coarse, saw Pearl Harbor and shed a tear, spent far too much on Hawaiin shopping and drinks. Fun times.

Headed out 4/30 for California, my first trip back in 6 months.

Hope everybody is running well and enjoying their spring.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Yesterday was a day of brutal extremes. I suffered the biggest loss ever for a single day in my poker career. Twelve thousand dollars. Much of it was due to poor decision making and not following my own advice. I should have stopped very early in the session, I did not. I paid the price. Hopefully I learn from my mistake.

I got over it by attending one of the best concerts I have every been to. The Kokua Festival in Waikiki. I went to the first night of the festival a few nights ago in Maui and it was also a great show, but it didn't compare to this.

First off I got a seat in the 5th row dead center off of eBay. Best $250 I ever spent. I went alone (my Mom's flight got in after the show started) but sat with the people I bought the ticket from and after several rounds of drinks we were all best friends.

Show started with a band I am starting to like a lot, ALO. They've opened for Jack each time I've seen him and they are a great Santa Barbara surf band. Put on a good show. Jack always comes out to do a song with them to get the crowd going, so that makes it fun.

Next Paula Fuga put on a great show. I'd never heard of her before Maui but I am very impressed with her. She is a huge Hawaiin chic with an amazing deep voice. She's got great stage presence also. If you like R&B or Reggae (or a very cool mix of the two), checkout Paula Fuga.

Next Henry Kapono came on and I wasn't too impressed with him. Seemed like he should be doing cover tunes of Metallica songs or something. Old Hawaiin dude that loved making his electric guitar as loud as possible.

Then magic.I'd seen Ben Harper a few nights before in Maui, but his whole set was really subdued, I really think he was stoned out of his head. He didn't talk much to the crowd and sat in the chair the whole time and played songs on his signature small guitar he lays flat on his lap. All the songs were like wierd trippy slow acid tunes, like that song The End from the Doors. This set was much, much different. He was talking a lot to the crowd from the beginning, had a big acoustic guitar with him and had tons of energy. He rocked the house. He didn't play some of his more famous songs (I especially missed Diamonds on the Inside), but he didn't need to. He was on fire.

Next Willie Nelson came out with a massive band. Descent show. The crowd loved it and the 5,000 people in attendance must have smoked a pound of weed during his set, but I just don't like Willie Nelson all that much. I guess he's from Hawaii or something. They loved the guy.

Then Jack came out and it was raining a bit, crowd didn't care, he played Banana Pancakes and jumped right to 'Can't you see that it's just raining' the second it started raining. Jack played an amazing set, as always. This is the fourth time I've seen him, and each performance has been fantastic and totally different from the others. Oahu is his home turf and this is also the last date on his huge tour, and he says he's taking two years off now. You could tell he was happy to be home.

The best part of the show though, by far, was at the end when he did his encore. He brought Ben Harper onto the stage and they played Flake together. That is one of Jack's biggest hits and on the album Ben Harper is on the song, but how many times is one ever going to get to see them play it live? Simply amazing. The crowd went nuts with them together on stage and they played a few of Ben's songs. I am going to try very hard to find a live recording of that set. Phenomenal music, we were all very lucky to be there.

By the end of the night I'd forgotten all about the stiff loss I'd suffered and had a huge grin on my face. I'm a very lucky guy, despite one bad day of poker. I'll have it all back and more soon enough.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Saturday, April 22, 2006

David Williams In Porn?

Warning: Clicking the link below is not safe for work or home!

This looks awfully similar to David Williams, the runner up in the 2004 WSOP.

Porno dude

The real David Williams.

I asked somebody who has seen David up close and personal many times and he confirmed this was 100% for sure him. Many on the message boards agree. You be the judge!

Winning Mentality Follow Up: Freddy Deeb

Following up on my last post, I saw this great little piece of an interview with Freddy Deeb that adds a lot to the things I stated. You can see the video here.

I'll paraphrase Freddy:

You can be the best player in the world and not do things right and you'll never make any money. You can be an 'ok' player and do things right, and you'll make a lot of money.

1. No drinking and playing
2. You cannot play any other games besides poker.
3. Cannot play when you are mad or tired
4. Cannot play over your bankroll
5. Manage your losses when things aren't going your way.
6. Take a profit, don't be greedy.

If you do these things you will always make money. There is no such thing as the best player, on any given day the worst player can be the best player. He has the right mindset and the best player may be mad and gambling it up.

Hope that helps somebody. Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Winning Mentality

Reading over my last month or so worst of posts, I haven't given a lot of improving tips, just been posting good results a lot. For the faithful who've been checking back hoping to maybe learn something I thought I'd do a post on this topic, one I've done a lot of thinking about lately.

What does it take to be a consistent long term winning poker player? Well, there is the obvious. You need to know the math and how to read your opponents, have good money management skills and know when to stop playing etc etc. But there is an intangible I have been noticing in some people who I have seen hit a wall with their growth. Something I think I am lucky to have a solid grasp on.

If you want to beat the game long term, as a professional or even as an amateur part-time player, it is absolutely positively a must that you have the right mental approach to your own game, to analyzing your own play.

My circle of friends got very into poker in college. We all take great pride in our poker prowess and each probably thinks he is the better player. We all learned the basics of low stakes limit hold em and like everybody else, thought we were the best player alive after reading Super System for the first time.

A few of us took up playing as our soul or a major source of income. Only me and one other friend (of a group of about 7 or 8) have been consistent long term winners as we have moved up the stakes, and I think my own progression has been a bit of a smoother ride because the other guy has some major house edge leaks (I do too, I just don't go to Vegas enough to make them an issue).

What is different with the two of us? Our intelligence is not vastly different from the others. Our math skills also are not significantly better (if at all). Neither are we better readers of other people.

What is it then? Both of us have a non-traditional approach to ourselves, and to life. It isn't the same approach, but it elicits some of the same results. For him, he is a very humble guy who finds it very hard to put full confidence and faith in a position or idea. This allows him to remain open to new idea's and methods, while not becoming overly attached to his previously held beleifs. What I have is similar. I have no problem being critical with myself and admitting that I am wrong. I seek out opportunities to do this constantly. I have never, nor will I ever, think I am one of the best players there is. I know I have a long way to go to improve and will always be looking to do this.

What is the mentality of the others? Over confidence in their own abilities. Once they learned the basics of the game they just stopped learning, and assumed they knew everything. Now when they lose, they don't ask themselves what they did wrong. They tell themselves (and you, whether you want to listen or not) how the other guys were idiots and they should have won.

This is the absolute worst thing you can do as a poker player. Though I think it is the downfall of many a potential great player. I have several friends who have the most amazing ability to read other people, I'd pay a large amount of money to gain this ability. But they don't spend enough time analyzing the other parts of their game and try to learn. They assume they are amazing and act as such.

What you have to always be doing is questioning yourself. Look for times that you made a mistake. Don't try to repair your ego and make yourself feel better about a bad result (as is human nature), be willing and able to admit that you made a mistake, so next time you can do it right.

One example of a time I did this was at last years WSOP. I made the final table of a $500+30 event at Bellagio. I was so excited to get to the final table and I played great poker and ran very hot up until this point. Then when I got to the final table I tried to run it over (I came in as a huge chip leader). I proceeded to bust out 9th even as the other players were obviously willing to take stands against me. They made what looked like bad calls, and many players would go their whole lives berating these 'fish' for making these horrible calls against me. In reality, what happened was I was playing way too fast and should have sat back and relaxed with my chips. I learned an expensive lesson that day.

What did I do with this knowledge that I had messed up? I talked with people about how is the proper way to play a final table. I admitted to myself that I did not know everything and sought the advice of others who were smarter and more experienced than me. This is the hardest part for many people. Making that leap that there in fact are people who are better than them. Many people cannot admit this. What was the result of the knowledge I gained? After making probably 20 final tables at tournaments without a win, I have now either gotten 1st or 2nd 6 of the last 7 final tables I have made. There is some heat there, but I have also drastically changed my final table approach...with some amazing results. Though I am still on a war path to improve at MTT's. I am not trying to sell books about how to beat them or convince everybody I am the greatest, I know I have a long way to go. I will always know that. That is the only way I will stay on my game and improve.

So the moral of the story is, instead of falling into the common trap of thinking you are an amazing player...convince yourself that you in fact have a lot to learn and need to keep improving, for that is the only way you will improve. Being a poker know-it-all is only a certain path to one place, failure.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

5k From My Hotel

+$4400 at 5/10 and 8th in 109r on Stars for $600 profit.

Ship it.

Since leaving Bangkok I've made over $10,000 profit PLUS a WSOP seat.

/shameless brag

Ok, So Maybe Not

So I got denied a seat on my stand-by flight to Bangkok and all of the flights the following day were full. I hadn't showered in almost two days nor slept in more than 30 hours, so I was pretty much on life tilt at the airport in Tokyo. So I look over the departures that night and see: Honolulu, in an hour.

I didn't mention it but the Jack Johnson show in Tokyo was amazing, I could see him 100 times and not get bored of it. His music is great but he's also a fantastic peformer, talking to the crowd a ton and mixing in cover song verses into his stuff, and changing his songs a lot. Anyway, he's playing two shows this week in Hawaii (this is where he is from) and they are his only 2006 dates. The Kokua Music Festival with Ben Harper, Willie Nelso, ALO, Matt Costa etc etc.

So I'm pacing around Narita pissed off and realize all of this and just say FUCK IT!!, literally, out loud, even got some glances from confused Jap's...FUCK IT!!!, bought the ticket to Honolulu and here I am.

This kinda screws up my plans a lot but I totally dig that I have the freedom and resources to do it. So my tentative plan for the next few months looks like this:

Now until early May, trip around Hawaii. My mom loves it here and haven't seen her for awhile so might be flying her out in the next few days.

Early to end of May, Heavenly Hold Em, Commerce

At end of May I'll be headed back to Hawaii (I have a round trip to Tokyo) for a week or so and then back to Bangkok via Tokyo.

I'll spend about a month in Thailand and setup a new apartment/condo there (our current lease is up in early July and me and Brandon both want a different place.)

Then to the WSOP baby!

Thanks for reading, if you have any tips on Hawaii please forward them, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Headed Home

Bad news. I'm in love. I've known her a little over six months now. I've only been away from her three times. Each time, I could not stop thinking about her. I had to rush back as soon as possible. I'm now sitting in an airport in Tokyo praying I can get on a standy flight in four hours to go and see her.

Her name is Thailand.

So ya, Japan was cool. But she doesn't hold a candle to my girl. Not even close. I'll be back. But I'll never leave my girl for Japan, not a chance. Can't exactly put a finger on why, just isn't the same. I almost feel like I've cheated on Thailand. I hope she isn't mad at me. I better buy some flowers.

If you ever go to Japan: Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shibuya, Ginza and Kyoto are not to be missed. The first four are sections of Tokyo, Kyoto is its own city. Fun fun times. I'll do a full trip report later if I have the energy, but now, I just want to see my Thailand.

Japanese balance sheet:

WSOP Main Event Seats won: 1
Thousands of dollars banked in cash games: 4
Major cities visited: 3
Castles visited: 1
# of times smacked by an old Japanese man for not bowing: 1
# of times bowing after being smacked by old Japanese man: about a million
Manga cafe's slept in: 3
# of packs of cigarettes smoked (i didn't used to smoke): ~4
Money wasted on standby plane ticket because I can't plan properly: $1,200
# of beers drank from vending machines: ~10
Amount of Yen lost to Patrick because I think I'm good at chess: 2,000

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WSOP Prep Time

Japan is cool. Spent a few days in Tokyo, now in Kyoto and off to Osaka tomorrow before heading back to Tokyo for the Jack Johnson concert. A very good friend and my mentor, Andrew, is coming into Bangkok a couple of days later and after seeing him for a bit and MAYBE taking a trip to Hong Kong with him, I have decided I am going to head back to the states to get some live play prep for the WSOP. I checked the tournament schedules on and the Heavenly Hold Em series is taking place the first couple weeks in May at my 2nd favorite place to play poker in the whole world (Bellagio is 1st), Commerce Casino. A number of $300-$1,000 buy in events to get my re-acquainted with live tournaments. After that there are three tournaments I`ll consider attending, depending on my results and how I feel after Commerce, and how much I miss Thailand. The Bicycle is having their Poker Classic, Harrah`s is having the WSOP Lake Tahoe Circuit Event and their is a WPT Event at Mandalay Bay in Vegas. Figure I better ride this heater while its still going.

Wanted to put it on wax here that I am going to Heavenly Hold Em so I don`t backout. Hopefully my 18 months spent living in LA will be good enough to find me a decent couch to crash on and maybe a little internet ;)

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Monday, April 10, 2006

Main Event Here I Come!

Played a Double Shootout on Stars this Morning from a Manga Cafe (just found out Manga Cafe's are the coolest thing in the world), won my first table in convincing fashion and played some of my finest poker ever (read: none of my bluffs were called and I never got sucked out). Second table started about a half hour later and I'm trying my best to keep calm. Blinded down, won some small pots, blinded down, then five handed I caught fire. I kept flopping top pair and getting paid off nasty. Long story semi-short, I won it and the $12,000 package. So looks like I'll be sporting PokerStars gear at this years Main Event ;)

Feels nice. Must be the lucky TAG. Paid for itself already.


I have gotten roughly $11,000 in staking offers so far with most of those paid up. I put in $15,000 of my own money and now PokerStars has just chipped in $12,000 more, so I am now only $7,000 short of my goal for being backed for all of the events I posted. Ohhhhhh baby I'm stoked!!!!!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Took a planned trip to Japan for a Jack Johnson concert (I'm a HUUUGE fan) on 4/15. Staying w/ Patrick (VeganMav from 2+2) at a dorm outside of Tokyo currently. Very very cool city. Japanese girls are sooooooo cute :) I just like wanna pinch all of their cheeks cute lol City is alive everywhere, its quite a site to see. Too bad I don't have proper adapters and my camera and iPod are not functioning.

Doing some shopping and stupid tourist shit while I'm here. Bought my first ever rediculous large item today that I absolutely did not need. Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic. It's gorgeous. Paid just under $1,500, though I really think its +EV for dealing with bad beats and long negative stretches. Thank you fishies.

I'm off for some late night poker. Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

P.S. If anybody has any travel tips for Japan (Tokyo or other cities) please post them here or email me. I've gotten a lot of great info in the past from readers and appreciate all of the hints and reccomendations.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I told a good friend my stats today, and he replied 'you sure like to gloat don't you?' so ya, here are my stats so far at the Party 5/10 NL (and yes I know they mean absolutely nothing other than that I am on a sick heater).

3405 Hands
$3.37 profit/hand
$11,489.11 total profit

Utterly unsustainable but it's fun :)

I'm now up over $14,000 since switching to cash games with 3/6 and 10/20 factored in, though I've been playing those much less.

Regarding game play. I've only been stacked once when I maybe should have folded. Yesterday with KK vs AA all in on the flop. Other than that I've made some nice reads and some big laydowns. I tend to play a lot better (like most people) when I am running well. I hope I can retain composure when things aren't going so great.

Here's to keeping my heater going!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables.

Wild Bill

P.S. Forgot the obligatory picture of some cute Thai girls. Please forgive me.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Umm, So I Guess I Need To Switch to Cash Games...

I've been discussing it with a few Sit n Go buddies lately and as they are I'm generally sick of SNG's, especially with the new changes at Party. I thought I liked them but it seems the variance is much worse than before, as the attainable ROI's are lower.

SOOO I got and a NL cash coach I am starting with and have been reading up and chatting about the games with some guys I know who've been beating them for awhile. I've been dabbling in 5/10 and 10/20 (on Party and a bit on Stars) over the last week or so. Here are my results over the last few sessions:

10/20 PokerStars, Shorthanded, one table, played for about 1/2 hour: +$1,900
10/20 PartyPoker 6-Max, one table, played for about 1/2 hour: +$2,000
5/10 PartyPoker 10-Handed, two tables, played for about 1 hour: +$2,100
5/10 PartyPoker 10-Handed, two tables, played for about 1 hour: -$600
5/10 PartyPoker 10-Handed, two tables (with 3 MTT's going), 2 hours: +$300
5/10 PartyPoker 10-Handed, four tables, 1 hour: +$4,100





Thats a bit under $10k in less than a few hours of work if I were 4 tabling the whole time. Obviously a filthy nasty heater that I'll never see the likes of again, but I have never ever ever ever even HEARD OF a rush like that playing SNG's. It isn't physically possible. Of coarse this means that soon I'll loose more money in a short span than I've ever heard of one losing, but ya. Thats poker.

Nothing motivates me more than clearing 5 figures in a few hours of work :) Wish me luck in continuation of my heater and also in improving at cash games. I'd like to stay at 5/10 and clear 3 PTBB's per 100 4-tabling. Also known as, I'd like to make over $200 per hour plus rakeback :)

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill