Sunday, March 12, 2006

Decided on Australia

Put it to a vote on 2+2 and the majority of people said I should go to Australia, I'm cool with that so here I am. Played the highest raked cash game I've ever been in tonite ($1 per hand per player...Australian dollar is like $0.75) though the players were absoultely terrible. I seriously did not play with one person tonite who I think even understands basic pre flop hand selection. Got in super late and its even later now so gonna sleep through the better part of tomorrow I guess, adjust to this time zone. Do some tourist stuff and play some live poker. Ahhh, sounds nice.

I'll take lots of pics as I love my new camera, get em up when I get back to Thailand or possibly a bit sooner. Gonna do a week or two here than to Melbrourne then probably back near the end of March. Good friend of mine just came into Bangkok and only got to go out on the town with him two nights. Also can't miss my Jack Johnson concert 4/15 in Tokyo.

Alright i'm off, wanted to do a quick update.

Now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill