Thursday, March 30, 2006

Attentive and Cooperative

These are the two words given to me recently by a wise old Thai man about why Thai women are far superior to women from all other countries. There are many other (some more crude) ways to put it, but if you break down those two words, that about sums it up. In fact, all Thai people pretty much fit that description. Thats why we love this land :)

So ya I thought that was neat and have wanted an excuse to post some more pictures. Also wanted to address an issue thats been coming up more and more. I've posted my AIM screenname a few times on the boards and here, and my email address is at the top of this blog. Though as readership has increased and more people know of/about me from 2+2 etc, I get a lot of requests for advice and coaching and a lot of people reaching out to me for different things. I'm very sorry but if I spend all of my time replying to these requests and entertaining the various offers, that would consume all of my time. If I don't reply or am short with you, its because I am very busy and I get a lot of these requests. Please do not take it personally

So ya, here are some more pictures ;)

Patick (VeganMav), Me, Brandon and Will on Koh Samet

I want to see a better online poker setup than this one!

This is what Patrick did his entire 3 weeks in Thailand

Just hanging out in Bangkok right now, building up the rolodex with Brando. We're finally learning the angles with the local crowd so times are fun. Headed off to Tokyo in early April for a Jack Johnson concert and to see Japan.

Also wanted to let everybody know about a great European poker site I have been playing at recently called PokerHeaven. You'll see I have their banner at the top currently. The fish are insane there. I've been playing their 5-10 NL cash games. If you signup through my link above I can give you 25% rakeback! Email me if you setup an account. Their rakeback is automated right through the interface so its super easy for you and you'll always know where you stand.

Alright I'm off, thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill