Thursday, March 30, 2006

Attentive and Cooperative

These are the two words given to me recently by a wise old Thai man about why Thai women are far superior to women from all other countries. There are many other (some more crude) ways to put it, but if you break down those two words, that about sums it up. In fact, all Thai people pretty much fit that description. Thats why we love this land :)

So ya I thought that was neat and have wanted an excuse to post some more pictures. Also wanted to address an issue thats been coming up more and more. I've posted my AIM screenname a few times on the boards and here, and my email address is at the top of this blog. Though as readership has increased and more people know of/about me from 2+2 etc, I get a lot of requests for advice and coaching and a lot of people reaching out to me for different things. I'm very sorry but if I spend all of my time replying to these requests and entertaining the various offers, that would consume all of my time. If I don't reply or am short with you, its because I am very busy and I get a lot of these requests. Please do not take it personally

So ya, here are some more pictures ;)

Patick (VeganMav), Me, Brandon and Will on Koh Samet

I want to see a better online poker setup than this one!

This is what Patrick did his entire 3 weeks in Thailand

Just hanging out in Bangkok right now, building up the rolodex with Brando. We're finally learning the angles with the local crowd so times are fun. Headed off to Tokyo in early April for a Jack Johnson concert and to see Japan.

Also wanted to let everybody know about a great European poker site I have been playing at recently called PokerHeaven. You'll see I have their banner at the top currently. The fish are insane there. I've been playing their 5-10 NL cash games. If you signup through my link above I can give you 25% rakeback! Email me if you setup an account. Their rakeback is automated right through the interface so its super easy for you and you'll always know where you stand.

Alright I'm off, thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Monday, March 27, 2006

Buying My First House!

Great news from back home. My Grandfather has agreed to let me buy his house from him. Its a great property on a couple of acres in Northern California. I had planned on my first property being a small condo or something but I just cannot pass this up. I wont be living there now but since there are three small houses on the property it should be able to produce some decent passive income from the start.

I'll report back as the process goes along. I'm very lucky to have several good friends who have a lot of experience with this sort of thing to help me along. Maybe we'll all learn something about real estate in the process ;)

I have gotten a tremendous response from my WSOP post. Thanks for the support.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Getting Ready for the World Series of Poker!

Time to start gearing up for this years WSOP. This year I plan to take it to the next level and play in as many NL Multi Table Touraments as possible. The series starts on June 25th and the final event wont wrap up until mid-August. I've started a second blog at where I'll be giving live updates from the WSOP of various events. I'll chronicle my own journey on this blog.

I also have a special offer for friends and readers of this blog. I think I have a strong edge in any NL Tournament and stand to do well at this years WSOP, though to buy-in to every single event on my own would strain my bankroll. I am offering to sell a piece of myself at the WSOP for any single event you choose, or as a percentage of all of my play.

I will be playing in the following events this year:

27-Jun-06 No-Limit Hold'em $1,500.00
1-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em $2,000.00
4-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em $5,000.00
7-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em $2,500.00
8-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em w/re-buys $1,000.00
10-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em $1,000.00
14-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em $2,000.00
16-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout $2,000.00
18-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em $1,500.00
21-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em $2,000.00
23-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em w/re-buys $1,000.00
25-Jul-06 No-Limit Hold'em $1,500.00
28-Jul-06 No-Limit Texas Hold'em World Championship Event $10,000.00

Figuring $7,000 for each rebuy event that total comes to $45,000. I am putting $15,000 into the fund now, equally distributed amongst the events. The remaining $30,000 is up for grabs and any shortfall I will make up for myself. I am offering 70% of myself for each dollar that you put in. So for a given tournament, if the buy-in were $1,000 and I put in $400/40% and $600/60% were staked, I would receive 100% action on my $400/40% and my backers would receive 70% of the action on their $600/60% (70% of $600/60% = $420/42%). If that wasn't clear enough email me at and I can explain it better. 70/30 is a very standard staking structure used for one-shot tournament backing.

I have a formal contract written up that outlines the above in vivid detail. You can stake me for any amount in any tourney or tourneys or provide a blanket sum to be applied evenly to all tourneys. Send any payments to GigaFan on PokerStars, I have an arrangement worked out with PokerStars to buy into the events through them and will be forwarding any monies directly to them. I'll be posting the progress (anonymously unless requrested otherewise) here in telethon format for fun.

Thanks for reading, see you at the World Series of Poker!

Wild Bill

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Some Pictures

Back from Aussie land. Fun times on the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Got to do some live play and saw some nice beaches etc. Though next time I think I definately need to take some of my boys with me. Its a big big land. Back in Bangkok now, Patrick and Will are here for another few days, we're hittin the town hard. The four of us (with Brandon) are off to Koh Samet tomorrow.

Going out now but wanted to do a quick update. Not much poker'in lately. Just enjoying the sun and friends. Here are some pic's of Aussie land and more Thai girls by extremely popular demand.

'1000 Baht Two Men, Okay'

Our friend Maggie's new boob job, with Me, Will and Brandon

My score the first night at Sydney's Star City

Bangkok's Finest

Night on the town with some Tuk Tuk drivers

Will: 'Come on dude, it's like Fear Factor' Brandon: 'This isn't fucking fear factor dude'

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Decided on Australia

Put it to a vote on 2+2 and the majority of people said I should go to Australia, I'm cool with that so here I am. Played the highest raked cash game I've ever been in tonite ($1 per hand per player...Australian dollar is like $0.75) though the players were absoultely terrible. I seriously did not play with one person tonite who I think even understands basic pre flop hand selection. Got in super late and its even later now so gonna sleep through the better part of tomorrow I guess, adjust to this time zone. Do some tourist stuff and play some live poker. Ahhh, sounds nice.

I'll take lots of pics as I love my new camera, get em up when I get back to Thailand or possibly a bit sooner. Gonna do a week or two here than to Melbrourne then probably back near the end of March. Good friend of mine just came into Bangkok and only got to go out on the town with him two nights. Also can't miss my Jack Johnson concert 4/15 in Tokyo.

Alright i'm off, wanted to do a quick update.

Now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My 2nd MTT Win (sorta)

That was fun :)

Played the $50+5 Rebuy on Stars this morning (for me) and got ahold of a massive stack early. Was chip leader from around 60 players down to 4 when I lost it briefly before getting it back. Played some good poker but I owe this one largely to the cards. They held up magically today. I got aces at least 6 times and twice all-in (never lost with em). I say sorta cuz we chopped it heads up, I gave him $580 extra (he was getting around $7,500 already). Nice little $10,000 score for me while I'm technically on vacation :)

Thanks so much for all the support from the STT forum! Everytime I won a big pot got a bunch of cheers, was awesome. Some pictures:

Thai Ladies Round 2

Brandon trying to 'look black'

The Money Shot Thanks Bluefeet!


Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And the Inevitable...

What comes immediately after ones biggest winning week ever? That’s right, the biggest LOSING week ever! Woohoo! I’m so excited to report that I’ve just lost more money in one week of poker than I ever have before, by far! Ok, I’m not really excited. Actually it rather sucks. Last week positive variance was nice to me and I could not lose. This week I seriously feel like god hates me and he stacked the deck in such a way to make me A) lose the most money and B) feel the most pain. As in when I lose with AA vs 44, the 4 fell on the river (instead of the much easier to stomach flop) 95% of the time.

Alright enough whining. What I’m going to do now is regroup. My poker roll (and life roll) is bigger now that it has ever been, but I can feel myself start to be a little reckless. I’ve stayed away from the $530’s while running bad, which I’m proud of, but I’ve gotten careless my last few $215’s of a set after getting destroyed in the first few. Those are still hundreds of dollars on the table, not very professional of me. I've also made some down right horrible calls and pushes out of frustration. Also the opposite of professionalism.

So I’m going to take a bit of time off. I haven’t been away from my computer for more than 12 hours for the last few months. That’s not healthy. Last night we had a party at our place, so that definately got me in the mood to get away from work for awhile. Here's a picture of my new dog Jack Johnson (we call him Jack) with a few of the lovely Thai ladies that came over.

One of my best friends is coming into town tomorrow from the states and we’re gonna have a home game with Rob (who came over last night as well, his blog is at sherwoodpoker.blogspot) and some other guys we know here. We’ll do a bit of drinking after I’m sure, then I’m off. Most likely Singapore first, not sure yet though. I have Jack Johnson tickets for April 15th in Tokyo so I need to make it there for that. No plan, just me and a full backpack and my debit card.

When I get back I’m going to drop down in stakes, put in some ‘work’ at the 33’s or 55’s. I’ve taken playing with a big bankroll for granted I think and I’ve gotten a little sloppy. I don’t want anything to jeopardize this lifestyle, and playing sloppy in huge games is one way that could happen. So here’s to getting my head back in order, and some fun times on the road. Just bought a very good digital camera so hopefully I’ll be able to get some good pictures up of my travels. In the mean time here are a couple of my setup in Thailand. My work setup (above) and then the best perk of all, the wonderful subserviant ways of Thai women. Cheers to never doing laundry again!

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Do Your Part

Stop the Internet Gambling Bill. Took me less than a minute to complete that form. Please click the link and help out.

Also came accross a very cool new product last night called PartyPlanner. Its free and you can download it here. You can design how you want the tables laid out for you on Party. Check out the site, very cool product.

Please send click the link about and help out, and then get back to the tables!

Wild Bill