Friday, February 17, 2006

Possible Bill To Ban Internet Gambling

The online discussion boards are going crazy over this one and it obviously makes me a little nervous too. I'll let the articles speak to the details of the matter but I'd like to do my part to block this and call out for help from anybody who reads this blog. The following list was written by poster PiedPiper on 2+2 and I ask that you take a couple moments of your time and email your representative and tell them to stop this bill!


Original Post and Thread on 2+2

1. To find out who your representative is and their contact info, go to and use the form at the top.
2. Also go to and contact your Senator(s) so that IF this gets through Congress, the Senate knows your opinions, but contacting your representative(s) from 1. is the most important at this time.
3. When contacting your representative/senator, let them know that you consider them your representative (regardless of your political affiliation) and that you expect them to represent you the voter.
4. Ask them where they stand on this subject so that you can make a better informed voting decision the next time they come up for re-election, and make it clear that you will be voting based on this issue (even if you don't vote).
5. Let them know that poker is different from simple "games of chance" in that skill dominates luck in the long run when it comes to poker, and hence, poker needs to be treated differently. Many representatives do not understand this and need to be educated.
6. Give them the (correct) impression that modern poker is played more like chess than craps, and that people who play poker these days are good, law-abiding citizens, many of whom are highly educated and intelligent. Let them know that poker players today say "Nice hand" after they lose, and that the Hollywood image of a drunken cowboy with a gun accusing someone of cheating is 100% incorrect.
7. Point out that popular Internet Poker sites are run by legitimate and reputable businesses that are publicly traded on different stock markets and are scrutinized by analysts.
8. Give the (correct) impression that Poker is very popular with the population in general, both young and old, and this can be seen by how popular poker is on TV. Let them know that by further prohibiting internet poker, they would NOT be representing a large percentage of their constituents.

Any other suggestions for dealing with Representatives/Congressmen and women/Senators are welcome, but whatever you do, PLEASE CONTACT THEM AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! It takes just a few minutes and can make a lifetime of differences for poker players across the country. I recommend sending them snail mail as well, but at LEAST send them emails. Almost all have very user-friendly online contact forms.


Please please take a moment and email your Congressman and Senator now. There is a phenomenon called 'Bystander Apathy' that works in these matters. Basically it means that people always assume their voice wont matter because others are already acting on it etc. Brutal rapes, fires, traffic accidents and THE BANNING OF ONLINE GAMBLING can all go unassisted because people stand by passively assuming somebody else will do something about it. Because of this Congressmen and Senators get very little input from their continuants and when they do get this feedback THEY LISTEN!

SO PLEASE click the link above and send off an email, you'll be doing a tremendous service to those of us who depend on this industry to live.


Wild Bill