Thursday, February 02, 2006

PokerAce HUD and MTH

I give my 100% full endorsement to both PokerAce HUD and MTH (Multi-Table Helper). Both were created by long-time 2+2ers and have been thoroughly tested and essentially developed (through requests and feedback) by the 2+2 community.

The first product is PokerAce HUD. You can download a trial version at They charge $25 for the full version which is an absolute steal.

PokerAce HUD works with your PokerTracker database to give you some very valuable statistics on the other players at your table. VPIP (money Voluntarily Put in the Pot), PFR (Pre Flop Raise Percentage) and # of hands you've played with the opponent are all automatically put on the table for you for each player. The coolest thing about the software is that you can add just about any stat you could every possibly think of to appear as well. From how often they fold their Big Blind to a steal to what percentage of hands they win at showdown.

Another awesome feature of PokerAce HUD is that at the end of a hand, any hands that were mucked by players as 2nd best hands (at showdown only) are shown on screen for you. Yes we COULD open the hand history and see them for ourselves, but who does that at every opportunity? It looks like this:

It truly is an invaluable piece of equipment for any serious online poker player.


The second piece of software is called MTH (Multi-Table Helper). It can be downloaded at This product was also created by a regular 2+2 poster and for anybody who wants to play a ton of tables at once, this can literally make your earn grow exponentially.

MTH (as it is known on the boards and to most of those who use it) makes playing a ton of tables at once a snap. You can load up a bunch of tables and tell the program where you want the 'active' table to be placed, and it will automatically position all the tables for you. When you have an action on a table it will move it to the active location so you can make your play. At the exact instant you have made the decision, the next table with a decision to be made pops up in its place. The tables are put in a queue and this makes it very difficult to ever time out, even if you are playing 10 tables on a laptop as I have done many times! You can also setup shortcuts on your keyboard to replace mouse clicks. You will have a literal ear to ear grin the first time you do this one.

The latest version of MTH even has voice commands that you can use, though I've never tried this, or many of the other fancy features. It’s a great product for multi-tablers and I highly recommend it. This one also is $25.

I suppose I should mention some cons, though as you can probably tell I'm a big fan of both of these. PokerAce HUD has an issue with the stats not always showing up on the screen for you, and they sometimes flicker. Though other than that I seriously could find no flaws and it’s very easy to figure out and use. MTH can lead to some errors of the human kind. I've pushed on wrong tables a few times and done dumb other things (not software glitches, just from not looking fast enough or whatever). Also with MTH it is hard to be improving your game when you can't see the outcome of your decisions. You'll just get notifications that you've busted from tourneys, you often won’t remember how or even what table that was. So use this with caution at higher limits.

If you'd like to have me review a specific poker product for you shoot me an email to and I'd be happy to.

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill