Thursday, February 16, 2006

New PartyPoker Platform

PartyPoker is at it again. They bought Empire poker this week and then launched a new platform and interface. They totally changed the structure of one table tournaments (my domain) and added a $500+30 as the top buy-in.

There have been some bugs (I had the software crash on me while I had full houses on two different tables) but this is definately a positive thing. PartyPoker has (in my opinion) done an amazing job since booting the skins off of the network. Their VIP program is unmatched in online poker and they've always had the best software.

I tried 9 $500+30's today and I found the competition to be WEAKER than that of the $200+15's I'd recently played. This is most certainly due to the buzz created by the new platform and game etc. The good news for me though is that this will almost certainly make the games below it softer as the log-jam of pro's at the $200+15 level will be eased and I can hopefully move back up as it was not my bankroll that was the issue but my skill in relation to my opponents.

So all-in-all Party gets a huge two thumbs up from me on this one as I'm budgeting for 50-200% more income for the rest of the year :)

Thanks for reading, now get back to the tables!

Wild Bill